Topson back in Europe, likely to return to playing for OG soon

Steven Rondina • May 24, 22:26

OG has been one of the better teams in Dota 2 in this new online league era, and it’s set to get even better.

The two-time The International champions announced that mid laner Topias Miikka “Topson” Taavitsainen has returned to Europe. This likely means that Topson will be returning to active competition for the first time since February. 

The news was revealed on Twitter:

OG has been very active in professional Dota 2 over recent months, participating in many of the online leagues and tournaments that have popped up. These include Gamers Without Borders, OGA Dota PIT Online, and WePlay! Pushka League. This followed a six-month stretch following The International 2019 during which OG’s only event was effectively a show match at Midas Mode 2.0.

Topson helped OG qualify for the ESL one Los Angeles Major, which was eventually cancelled and reworked as an online league. Following this, Topson stopped competing entirely.

Neither Topson nor OG ever put out an official statement on the cause for this, but Topson’s social media suggests that he has been on a prolonged stay in Malaysia with his girlfriend. The public’s only exposure to Topson in recent months has been Instagram posts showing the two together.

Topson’s absence has seen OG use a number of methods to fill that hole on their roster. This has included a rolling list of substitutes, with other members of OG stepping in and out of the mid lane role depending on who was filling in elsewhere for the team.

It’s possible that Topson will return to competition a bit rusty, but it looks like fans can expect OG to be back to full strength before long. Considering how threatening the team has remained even without its star mid laner, that’s quite the frightening prospect for other competing teams in Europe.


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