Top South American team kicked from DPC league for betting

By Steven Rondina


Feb 20, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

One of South America’s most talented teams has been disqualified from the Dota Pro Circuit.

One Game Agency, the company behind the OGA DPC South America Regional League, has announced the disqualification of 0-900 from the league’s lower division. The news was announced via press release.

“We have received information that a player from team 0-900 competing in the OGA DPC South America Regional League Lower Division has been betting on league matches…Therefore after careful analysis and consideration of the evidence presented to us, we have decided to disqualify 0-900 from competing in the league,” OGA said in the statement.

As a result of the disqualification, 0-900’s upcoming games have been turned into 0-2 forfeit losses. Its past games have been overturned in a similar fashion. 0-900 had a 4-1 record before the disqualification. OGA made no mention of whether the tournament’s competitive integrity was impacted by the betting.

It is unclear which member of the 0-900 roster was involved in betting on the league, and none of the players have spoken on the matter on social media. 0-900’s roster includes the following players:

  • Christian “Madara” Kimura
  • Eliseo “Kxy” Arancibia
  • Alexis “Greedy” Ventura
  • Alexis “sl4d1n-” Cepeda
  • Diego “Jericho” Rivera

0-900 disqualification hurts teams’ chances of TI10 qualification 

0-900 is a team largely composed of Peruvian pro players who previously played with other top South American teams. Greedy was a member of the 2015 Team Unknown lineup that became the first South American team to compete in a Valve-sponsored tournament. kxy and sl4d1n- had previous stints with Infamous.

The team was part of a separate controversy in January related to OGA’s handling of the South American DPC league. 

OGA forced several notable teams into open qualifiers and refused open qualifier teams the opportunity to compete in the upper-division. Worse, the open qualifiers were single-elimination but weren’t seeded properly, resulting in some of the projected winners being matched up early in the competition. 

This resulted in potential challengers for a spot at The International 10 never even getting a chance to compete in upper divisions. The most egregious example of this was a match between 0-900 and the star-studded Brazilian roster of One Million. 0-900 won the match and qualified for the lower division while One Million hasn’t played since.

With the disqualification, 0-900’s players will be removed from contention for The International 10 through the Dota Pro Circuit as well. The team will be forced to re-qualify for the lower division through open qualifiers and will not have the chance to reach the upper-division until after the season is over. The team will still have the chance to reach the tournament through open qualifiers.

Where will TI10 happen?

The International 10 is currently set to take place at the Ericsson Globe arena in Stockholm, Sweden. The event is currently set to take place at some point in August 2021, though an exact date