TI10 Secret Shop opens with new exclusive Dota 2 merch

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Valve has finally revealed the official merchandise line for The International 10.

The International 10 Secret Shop is now available online for Dota 2 fans around the world. This year’s collection includes several community contributions presented on clothing, water bottles, pins, and more. Valve has also created a small collection of official TI10 sportswear, including a full tracksuit. 

There are two different TI10 Secret Shops, one for the United States and another for every other part of the world. Both sites carry the same lineup of official Dota 2 merchandise. Valve’s own line of The International 10 gear is front and center. The black and gold colorway helps the small Dota 2 logos stand out.

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A lot of the clothing on offer features Dota 2’s newest hero Dawnbreaker. Her design is instantly recognizable, and she’s even been picked a few times at The International 10 group stage.

The Marci collection shows a character from the Dota: Dragon Blood anime series. Marci isn’t a hero in Dota 2, but fans often request her as a playable character. Is a playable version of Marci the surprise Valve has in store for the end of TI10?

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Lastly, Valve has a few more odds and ends available. Pins are an essential part of the Secret Shop, and they’re present for TI10. There are also a bunch of new scarf designs perfect for the winter. Note that all of the produces purchased from this year’s Secret Shop don’t seem to be bundled with any in-game reward, a notable break from tradition.

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TI10 Secret Shop has no codes, plushies

The Dota 2 merchandise sold through the TI10 Secret Shop does not come with any in-game codes or bonus items. Previous Secret Shop items came with one-use codes that would unlock special cosmetics inside of Dota 2. These varied from profile badges to couriers and treasures with special items. TI10’s Secret Shop also has no Dota 2 hero plushies, a previous staple of The International.

It’s understandable that Valve wasn’t able to get the full spread for this year’s Secret Shop. With no live audience, there isn’t even a way to purchase the items in person. Many of the designs for this year’s Dota 2 catalog came from community members, who are definitely profiting from their hard work. But some fans are still disappointed with the lack of in-game connection. Hopefully, the blind boxes, plushies, and in-game codes can return for The International in 2022.


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