TI champion Fear announces hiatus from competitive Dota 2

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Business Associates is set to continue without its in-game leader. 

Clinton “Fear” Loomis’ took to twitter to address rumors of his departure from the current lineup of Business Associates. BA’s hard support player and in-game leader Fear’s tweet was a reply to fans questioning his absence in the BTS Pro Series Americas Season 3 lineup. 

Three players from BA were seen playing the match along with two new additions in the overhauled roster. The ex-business associates played alongside Sivatheeban “1437” Sivanathapillai and Eric “Ryoya” Dong in their new lineup. Viewers were quick to notice captain Fear and David “Moo” Hull’s absence, which prompted a reply from Fear. 

“I’m getting messages asking why I’m not playing today. I decided to take a break from competitive for a little since DPC isn’t starting until Jan-Feb of 2021,” Fear said.

Further clarifying the issue, Fear indicated that there might be a new team in formation, as some of his teammates wanted to continue competing in spite of the DPC delay.

It’s still unclear why Moo was not part of the new lineup. Although with Dota Pro Circuit out of the picture for an indefinite time, things seem pretty dull for Dota 2 professionals and more players are likely to go on these breaks. Fnatic’s Daryl “iceiceice” Koh Pei Xiang’s break from competitive Dota 2 is another example. 

Fear questions Dota Pro Circuit changes, Dota 2 competitive scene

The North American Dota competitive scene has been sloping downwards and players are not getting a chance to showcase their talent in a major event. With that said, Fear stepping away from professional esports is likely not an impulse decision. The TI5 winner has been tweeting about the deteriorating condition of esports in the North American region for quite some time. Dota 2 veteran’s past few tweets exhibit his hopelessness in the domestic Dota 2 scene. 

In one of his older tweets, Fear didn’t shy away from bashing the ongoing online tournaments.

“Correct me if I’m wrong but when they say ‘upcoming competitive season’ they are not referring to the DPC, but more so the shit fest that is online gaming as we know it without a DPC in place,” Fear said.

Fear is one of the oldest and most accomplished players that esports has seen. From starting from scratch back in the original Dota days to winning major tournaments such as The International 2015, Fear has succeeded in cementing a firm foot in the Dota 2 competitive scene. 

It is yet hard to tell whether the business associate lineup has disbanded or if Fear is awaiting the next Dota Pro Circuit to reunite with the old squad. Whatever the case, there’s a new Dota 2 lineup in town and Fear is not a part of it.