TI 2023 patch 7.34 release date confirmed by Valve

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 14, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A rough release date for Dota 2 7.34 has already been announced, but we don’t blame you for missing it.

Dota 2 fans were pleasantly surprised by patch 7.33e suddenly dropping out of nowhere on July 13, 2023. The patch tones down some of the more egregious heroes in the game, giving both pros and pubbers alike a breath of fresh air. However, Valve sneakily confirmed that the next International will take place on an entirely new patch. We blow up the fine print and give a release date estimate for Dota 2 patch 7.34.

The information came from the official blog post about update 7.33e but was strangely not included in the patch notes, which is what most players would see. After a list of fixed bugs, Valve quietly dropped that 7.34 would arrive sometime in August of 2023 before the start of The International 2023 Regional Qualifiers. The info was later confirmed by Valve community spokesperson Wykrhm Reddy.

The Regional Qualifiers for TI start on August 17, so the patch has to come sometime before then. With that in mind, the most like release date for Dota 2 7.34 will be sometime in early August, possibly August 10. Dota 2 tends to get big patches on either Tuesday or Thursday, and that’s enough time for Valve to digest new data from the Bali Major. Since this will be a TI patch, expect most of the balancing decisions to be based on professional play.

How will Dota 2 7.34 change the game for TI 2023?

7.34 will be the first new Dota 2 patch on the reworked map, and certain mechanics and 

It’s likely that Valve will tweak some of the new game mechanics added in 7.33. Both the warp gates and wisdom rune have seen changes since release, with the channel time of the former and the distribution of the latter getting adjustments. There could be changes to the watchers, including fixing the glitch that caused major controversy at the Bali Major.

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Furthermore, several problem heroes will probably get further adjustments in Dota 2 7.34 to help shake up the metagame for TI 2023. Certain offlaners like Dark Seer and Underlord are seeing win rate spikes due to being untouched in 7.33e. Those heroes, along with some other popular pro picks like Naga Siren and Oracle, are likely to be nerfed. It’s also possible to see some problematic Shards and talents reworked, like Ancient Apparition’s Ice Blast upgrade and Juggernaut’s level 20 Blade Dance lifesteal talent. As for the rest of the changes, it’s all up to IceFrog.