Three new Riot Forge Games games coming in 2023

By Nicholas James


Feb 18, 2023

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Three new League of Legends games have been announced, with several Riot Forge games being confirmed to be released this year.

Riot Forge is Riot Games’ effort to become a publisher rather than a developer for titles set within League of Legends’ world of Runeterra. Recently, Riot Games has announced the year ahead for Riot Forge and the alternate video games set in its most popular world. The three titles are Song of Nunu, Convergence, and The Mageseeker. Both Song of Nunu and Convergence were already announced, but this is the first official confirmation of The Mageseeker since it was leaked.

Three Riot Forge games confirmed for 2023

As part of an official announcement, Riot Forge released a video that confirmed three titles will be landing throughout 2023. In the trailer, molten metal illuminates four characters, each of whom is getting their own Riot Forge game. The four figures are Ekko, Sylas, and Nunu with Willump. Ekko is getting Convergence, a platforming game built around Ekko’s signature ability to rewind time in order to undo mistakes and perfect your gameplay.

Nunu and Willump are getting an adventure game following the eccentric duo of the young Freljordian boy and the powerful Yeti. The two set off on a journey to find Nunu’s missing mother. This seems to be a fairly whimsical adventure game taking some inspiration from tales about an unusual duo taking on great journeys, most notaby God of War and The Last of Us. The game is titled Song of Nunu and is being developed by Tequila Works.

Riot Forge Song of Nunu

The second game is Convergence, a platforming game developed by Double Stallion. This game stars Ekko, the time-traveling genius from Zaun. This game is a classic platforming, asking the player to navigate a side-scrolling environment filled with moving enemies, obstacles, and more. The key mechanic in this game is Ekko’s ability to rewind time, allowing players to undo mistakes and take the level one obstacle at a time.

New Sylas game, The Mageseeker, announced

The big announcement when it comes to 2023’s Riot Forge games was the confirmation of a Sylas-focused action game called The Mageseeker. This game was previously leaked by a South Korean national video games rating board that included the title and some loose details about it. The game would star Mageseeker turned revolutionary Sylas of Dregbourne. In the kingdom of Demacia, mages are imprisoned and treated as subhuman dangers. This comes from the original Demacians being refugees from destructive wars waged by mages. After having his ability to detect others’ magic used by the inquisition-like Mageseekers, Sylas betrays his captors and is imprisoned.

Later on, Lux accidentally springs the dangerous mage from prison, at which point he leads a mage’s revolution against the Demacian state in order to free the oppressed class of mages. The video game seems to be a pixelated, retro-stylized roguelike starring Sylas himself. The details about gameplay have been very sparse, but developer Digital Sun has plenty of experience with stylized action games, having previously made the highly acclaimed Moonlighter.


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