new Icebox setup

This Viper play will win you rounds for free on Icebox

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 19, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players had to toss their post-plant lineups out the window after the massive Icebox overhaul. This new Icebox setup for the B site should make protecting the Spike easier. 

No other control guards the Spike like Viper can. The agent is equipped with two poison shots that can annihilate enemies in short order. The duration of these utility options makes her a viable pick on maps where protecting the Spike can be tricky. Paired with her smoke, Viper becomes hugely powerful on Icebox. 

Over the past year, players had devised game-breakingly good lineups for Viper. The massive Icebox overhaul rendered most of them useless but rebuilding her arsenal is well underway. 

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How to protect the Spike on Icebox’s B site

This lineup can yield easy wins in one versus one situations on the attacker side. Viper can easily keep the enemies away from the bomb, guaranteeing that the clock ticks down. 

For this setup, you must save your molotov and smoke launcher. Players often pre-drop a smoke device on a plant spot and activate it to debuff enemies. However, this puts the attacker at a significant disadvantage when it comes to actual firefights. It’s better to have a clear view of the enemy, which is only possible using this new Icebox setup. 

Plant the Spike under the window and walk back towards green. After staying along the container, place your crosshair on the right edge of the window. Toss the smoke to create a one-way. Prepare your molotov lineup from deep inside the green area, as shown in the video. 

The one-way smoke will make defusing the Spike very difficult for the enemy. It’d be impossible to defuse the Spike, especially in a one versus one situation where defenders can’t protect the defuser. The enemy’s lower body is visible if they try and tap the bomb, allowing you to take them down when they’re eating toxin damage.

Launching a molotov on debuffed enemies will make this setup even less risky. The enemy will take heavy damage from the toxin debuff, ultimately dying without you even having to worry about a lucky spray. Whatever the case, the one-way smoke is a must-learn on this newly designed Icebox.