Cypher camera trick

This super stealthy Cypher camera trick is impossible to counter

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 22, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

This new Cypher camera trick on Ascent is reminiscent of the infamous Breeze bug that got teams banned. Except this one is legit. 

The large size of Ascent calls for a flank watcher who’s perfectly sneaky and intelligent. Cypher is the ideal Sentinel to run on this map since he can gather intel without getting in enemies’ line of fire. This new exploit-like camera lineup shows just how viable he’s on Ascent’s picturesque scenery. 

This Spy Cam provides a vantage view of the entire A site from a hidden spot. 

Cypher’s Spy Cam expedites the team rotation as he can keep an eye on two locations at once. This instantly bolsters the team’s defense as they can plan out their stronghold accordingly.

However, his camera may blend in with the background, but it’s still pretty easy to spot. Enemies often break the cam, snatching the advantage from the defenders. But, this new camera lineup won’t be spotted for the majority of the rounds. 

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This Cypher camera trick slips his device into the sneaky top corner of Ascent. The agent must jump on top of the generator for this setup and move into the corner. Finding the exact spot can be a bit tricky, but it’s worth the effort. Once the cam turns blue, attach it to the wall to get a bird’s eye view of Ascent’s A site. 

It’s not exactly a “broken” setup, as it requires Cypher to jump on the generator and find the perfect spot. This process alone can take up plenty of time, putting Cypher in a vulnerable situation. But it’s still pretty viable for all players who swear by Cypher’s kit. From this angle, Cypher will have a view of A short garden, entrance, heaven, and the entire plant site. 

He can tag multiple players without revealing the location of the camera. Players entering the site would put themselves at significant risk by shooting at it. So, this is a viable spot that can be used throughout the game. 

How to use Cypher’s camera in Valorant

Cypher’s Spycam should always be placed at oddly high or low angles. Apart from gathering information, these oddly placed cameras can help bait enemies’ crosshairs, putting them in a vulnerable spot. It’s easier to take down enemies when they’re distracted by a sneaky Cypher camera trick.