This risky new last second Spike trick is perfect for tilting enemies

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

There’s nothing cooler than a last-second Spike defuse in Valorant, but eyeballing it based on sound cues is too risky. Try this new trick to defuse the Spike right before it blows. 

Tea-bagging may have been the go-to BM in shooter games, but it no longer cuts ice. Competitively salty Valorant players have discovered new ways to tease the opponents that are much more satisfying. Tapping the Spike and then delaying the defuse is one of the popular new tactics to hit out at the enemies. However, it can be extremely risky in high-stake games. But not when you know this new trick. 

A Valorant player has shared a surefire way to tilt the attackers by defusing the Spike at the verge of blowing up. 

How to defuse the Spike at the last second 

last second Spike trick

Spike in Valorant has numerous hoops around it when it is active. These rings are great signifiers of each Spike stage. A player has dissected through, finding a circle that tells when the bomb is four seconds from exploding. 

Carrola shared a short clip demonstrating a bold move that may cause your teammates to jump out of their skin. The last-second defusal is risky, but it’s undoubtedly a flex that’d ruffle your enemies. To execute this trick flawlessly, you want to half-defuse the Spike and then step away. Observe the circles and wait for an additional halo to appear around the Spike. Start defusing the bomb as soon as you notice a milky new circle.

This new halo is your final call to deactivate the bomb. It means a total of four seconds are left until the Spike blows. For this reason, you may want to get to work right after noticing this sign. You should be done with defusing at the very last second when attackers have their hopes up that they have won the round by luck. 

While performing this trick, you’re putting an entire round on the line, so you may want to practice timing before replicating it in a live game. It’s not worth toying with your teammates, but a little fun doesn’t hurt anyone. The end results are indeed worth the risk, only if you successfully dodge the explosion. 

How long does it take to defuse Spike? 

The Spike takes approximately four seconds to activate, triggering an explosion countdown. Attackers need at least eight to seven seconds to defuse the Spike before it goes off. 

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