This ridiculous Overpass boost could change your next game

Nick Johnson • December 1, 19:43

Overpass has a long history of crazy boosts, and players are still finding new ones nearly eight years after its release.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Overpass has seen more boosts than players care to count, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. It’s only been six months since players found an overpowered three-man stack in CT spawn, but Triumph pulled out all the stops just to get a free shot at Chaos Esports Club and counter one of the most effective early T-side molotovs on the map. There are several ways for Ts to throw a molotov that prevents CT players from taking early water control, but Choas’ Nathan “leaf” Orf chose the wrong one when he faced off against Triumph during the IEM Beijing North American finals. 

Triumph Overpass boost shows off perfect molotov counter

Instead of the typical run throw, leaf opted for a jump throw to give the molotov a little more speed to give his teammates more time to execute B with a connector split. Unfortunately for leaf, Triumph had done their homework. Knowing that Choas often chose to throw that molotov, they devised a dirty triple boost to counter it. 

Triumph would go on to lose the best-of-five grand final, but the boost shows that players are still innovating on one of CSGO’s oldest maps. To add insult to injury, the Triumph AWPer Paytyn “Junior” Johnson had his Steam account hacked just days aftward and lost $20,000 worth of skins. But even with the bad luck, Triumph deserves credit for one of the most impressive outplays the CSGO scene has seen in some time. Plus, it was completely legal, unlike the most famous Overpass boost of all time.

What was Fnatic’s famous Overpass boost?

The boost that started it all wasn’t so glorious. At the time, both fans and analysts were stunned when Fnatic pulled out a boost that allowed Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson free reign over LDLC during CSGO’s fourth Major, DreamHack Winter 2014. While everything looked fine in the moment, the match ended with a Fnatic forfeit after admins decided that Fnatic’s boost used a pixel walk to make it possible. By standing on a single pixel that had been accidentally painted with a collision mesh. It was devestating.

Even pro CSGO players can’t get it right all the time, and even LDLC used a similar exploit later in the exact same match. The outcome cast a cloud over competitive CSGO for a time before the professional scene moved on, but the pixel walk is still one of the most famous CSGO moments of all time. It’s unlikely that Triumph’s counter-play will stick out in players minds as time goes on, but leaf will definitely remember it.


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