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CSGO players just found a new Overpass boost that changes games

By Nick Johnson


Jun 15, 2020

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Overpass has been host to many memorable events in CSGO. From Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson’s famous flaming defuse to Cloud9’s 16-10 win on the map that helped the team win its first CSGO Major title at ELEAGUE Boston 2018, Overpass has become iconic. But the map is also known for featuring a number of crazy boosts.

More than any other map, Overpass’ multilevel layout lends itself to boosting, where one player stands on another’s character model to gain a more elevated position they otherwise couldn’t reach. More often than not, these positions are overy powerful. The most famous, fnatic’s pixel walk boost against Team LDLC at DreamHack Winter 2014, is still talked about years later.

Now, another new boost has been found, and this one can be set up just seconds into a new round. It’s based on the same pixel walk idea behind fnatic’s famous boost, now also combined with a more traditional boost. Instead of starting off on a player’s head, however, the boost uses a small piece of geometry that allows a player to stand up. Check it out below.

This new boost requires three people to pull off completely, but once the third player is vaulted up, they have an unobstructed view of the monster tunnel at a serious off angle. With so many places to check when attacking the B bombsite on Overpass, no one would ever think to check this elevated spot. 

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Pixel walks are illegal in ESEA, FACEIT, and are even considered an exploit on Valve’s matchmaking servers, so players probably should consider carefully before giving this one a shot in their next game. Hopefully Valve steps in quickly to smooth this boost out, because it is definitely overpowered. Boosts like this are easily fixed, so players shouldn’t be surprised if this one doesn’t last very long.


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