Valorant agent Killjoy disabled until the turret bug is fixed

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 1, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

A recent bug in Killjoy’s kit added to the long list of Valorant glitches in which the German agent could plant her turret under the map in Haven. After months of complaints from players, Riot developers have disabled the agent until the exploit is fixed. 

The bug could make or break the game. Entering B or C site of Haven became impossible with Killjoy’s turret waiting to be activated as soon as the enemies came near it. Killjoy’s signature ability can usually be easily destroyed when spotted. However, an invisible turret can be deadly enough to take down the opponents before they’re able to reach bomb point C or B.

As soon as it was discovered, players barraged the developers to disable Killjoy, and it seems they have finally listened. 

Killjoy disabled due to game-breaking turret bug

The agent and her turret will remain disabled until a fix is found. Currently, the agent can’t be seen anywhere in-game, as if she never existed. She’s been removed from the “agents” menu and doesn’t show up as an option on the agent selection screen either. 

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Although very few players have mastered playing Killjoy in competitive Valorant due to her relative newness to the game, her ousting is likely to impact the game meta. 

Killjoy was introduced in Valorant Act II update and has become become the favorite intel-gatherer of many players. The agent was one of the least picked agents in Valorant First Strike North America qualifiers, but she still beat Viper and Sage, agents who have been battling it out since day one of game’s release.

It’s safe to say that Killjoy has the potential to become one of the top picked agents.

Cypher could be a viable alternative for Killjoy mains

With Killjoy off the market, players may want to opt for Cypher since both the agents did a remarkable job at watching flanks. Previous Cypher mains switched to Killjoy with the update as she has both the passive traits of a spy and aggressive elements (Nano Swarm) to damage the opponents.

It is expected that developers would try to find a fix before the Valorant First Strike’s regional finals begin on December 3. If not, then Valorant professionals may want to look for a Killjoy alternative that is just as deadly and cunning. 


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