New Sage trick on Ascent protects spike with her wall

Reading time: 2 min

Some clever Sage players have discovered a new hack with her wall on Ascent. Enemies must destroy the wall to get to the spike, allowing more time for the planting team to thwart enemy sabotage. 

The trick is to place the spike behind some generators on Point A. Here’s how to do just that: Position the spike directly in the middle behind them, and place Sage’s wall on the rightmost corner of the spike in order to ensure that the wall is placed correctly. 

A perfectly placed wall won’t allow enemies to access the spike until they destroy at least two sections of Sage’s wall, which leaves ample time for enemies to cut them down prior to accessing the spike. Ensuring that the wall is in the middle is key, otherwise Sage’s wall won’t align correctly and enemies will be able to simply walk around to reach the spike with ease. 

Every trick has a fatal flaw

A Reddit poster by the name of stay_sweet posted the video and folks were quick to point out the flaws. The first was that anyone could come from Heaven onto the generator and then jump down into the open spot. However, one molly from Brimstone would take care of this problem. Alternatively, in a scenario where the planting team has more alive than their enemies, it becomes infinitely harder to jump in undetected, which allows the watching players to jump up top and get an easy kill. 

Another downside is that when placed behind the generator, there is no playing around it anymore, but most players have guffawed at this, too. The strategy that makes this play work is for Sage to plant the spike and the wall. Then the rest of her teammates must be hiding so that when an enemy player tries to reach the spike, they are caught before they can even make the jump onto the top of the generator. 

The only time that this might not work out is when Sage is the only player left and there is more than one other player left on the enemy team. This creates a large disadvantage because the opposing team can send in one person while the other watch their back, and strike Sage down when she tries to get a kill on the player going after the spike. 


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