one-way smoke on Mirage

This one-way smoke on Mirage by NaVi is a game-changer

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are using this one-way smoke on Mirage, and it’s pretty easy to learn. 

Mirage is one of the most balanced CSGO maps. While one side is a piece of cake to break open for terrorists, B site is nothing less than a lion’s den. Opening the tightly packed apartments is a menace, especially if there’s an AWPer holding window. This setup can help enter B site on Mirage. 

How to pull off this one-way smoke on Mirage

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This smoke was first discovered in NaVi’s game against MiBR. It helps take down the enemy holding the second window from deep A-short. Pairing it with a molotov, smoke, and a flashbang will make entering the B site easier. 

The first lineup is inside B apartment’s corner, where a small hole in the corner will allow the smoke to leak through. This will create a window for players to peek at the enemy’s lower body. The Counter-Terrorist’s vision for the apartment would be blocked unless they push further. Here’s how to do this smoke

  • Walk into the corner of the refrigerator placed inside the apartment kitchen. 
  • Equip your smoke grenade and press right-click. 
  • Run towards the second window to shoot down the CT in Mirage B short.

This is a highly viable smoke as CTs often hold deep B short to watch middle. They’d either have to push in or move back towards mid to counter the one-way. The CT will be sandwiched in the middle on an apps-mid split setup. The aggressive Ts can take down the short enemy from either mid or B apps if they run inside. 

This setup becomes too effective when paired with smoke for the B-site window, a molotov for the van, and a flashbang. The goal is to single out duels and take the enemy’s one by one. However, this setup only works in heavy team-focused games as it requires team backup to trade kills and throw utility. 

Is Mirage a T-sided map? 

Mirage is the most balanced CSGO map with a 50% win rate for both sides. The location has a middle area that is just as hard to attack as it is to defend. Ts can easily break into the site with the correct utility that provides ample choke points for CTs to hide in.