This new wallhack bug is helping players get kills on Fracture

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players have discovered a strange glitch on Fracture that looks a lot like a wallhack. 

This new bug doesn’t require intel gatherers like Sova or Cypher’s help to expose enemies through a wall. Players can see a purple speck on Fracture that denotes the enemy’s location, providing them with a massive advantage. 

A player named JoelTommy shared a clip from a ranked game where an attacker Sova got exposed through metal on Fracture’s A site. 

As soon as the player activated Reyna’s ultimate, a purple speck appeared on A site’s top area where Sova was hiding. This helped Reyna pre-aim that angle to set up a kill. According to the player, the bug is a part of Reyna’s kit, which triggered the wallhack. However, many players came forward with similar instances that happened on different agents. 

According to players, the area above A site is bugged. Multiple agents allegedly have abilities where they can see a purple speck appear on the metal when there’s an enemy behind it. Many have experienced the bug on Sova, Sage, and other agents. However, in JoelTommy’s case, it is evident that the speck appeared as soon as he activated Empress. 

There have been similar bugs previously, where players could see through the wall but Riot Games has traditionally been quick to fix those problems. Fracture is still a new map, so glitches are a given. This new wallhack bug isn’t completely game-breaking but it does make the A site less defensible. It’s worth noting that this bug doesn’t happen on any other maps. 

It remains to be seen whether the developer fixes this bug soon. It’s likely that players will be actively looking for different ways to proc this bug on other agents. 

What’s a Radiant in Valorant?

Radiant is Valorant’s highest rank. The rank label is a nod to Valorant lore, where Radiants are the select group of people who gained supernatural abilities after the Firstlight disaster. For example, Reyna is a Radiant, and Kay/O is the killer of Radiants.