This new wall bang spot on Mirage is too OP

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s oldest maps continue to surprise players years after the game’s release. CSGO players have discovered a brand new wall bang spot on Mirage that is too overpowered.

CSGO’s competitive map pool is smaller than other first-person shooters, which is why players have learned every corner by heart. However, Valve’s complex locations continue to bring something new to the table. This new find in Mirage’s B apartments is OP and brings glad tidings for AWP players. 

Players can now shoot enemies in B apartments from A connectors with AWP, a user named bonbonbanana has discovered. 

Here’s how to use new wallbang setup on Mirage

B apps window is a familiar spot for Counter-Terrorists to pause terrorists rushing into the site. Both AWP and rifle players could spam through the wooden windows to heavily tag the enemies. However, the old spot is two way, which means Ts can also utilize it. Spamming through the wooden window also puts players in a vulnerable position as Ts can guess the number of enemies holding the location. 

This new setup is comparatively more OP as it takes AWP bullet from one site to another. The enemies won’t be able to spam back as the connector is relatively wider than the apartments. Here’s how you can do it in the game. 

  • Get inside the connector and squeeze yourself into the right corner
  • Scope in, placing your aim on the lower side of the wood bar
  • Set your crosshair in a way that the vertical line touches the second box on the crate
  • Left-click to shoot an enemy in B apartment

This wallbang lineup may not work on the fully armored enemy as it’d require spamming through the wall at least thrice. Terrorists in apps would likely switch positions and leave the vulnerable spot upon dealing damage. However, an armoured enemy might fall prey to this tactic most times. It’s also a replicable lineup as it’d take a few rounds till enemies can finally figure it out. 

Using this OP wallbang spot, an AWP player from A site can help teammates in B. Even if the AWPer fails to land a kill, this should pause enemies in their tracks and buy CTs time to rotate towards the B site. Paired with apps molotov, Ts would be forced to push back and re-evaluate their strategy.