This new Valorant inventory manager is a big help for players

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A Valorant player has created a new inventory organizer that might help skin collectors to better keep track of their expanding catalogues. 

Riot Games has delivered over 300 weapon skins since the release of Valorant in 2020. While only a rare few players have every single skin in the game, many collectors have managed to cop sought-after items whenever they appear in the store. Organizing these skins can be a tall order, but inventive player cman’s one-stop manager can help collectors. 

Reddit user cman7531 has previously created a similar program to help players select different skins mid-game. Players have long been asking for this feature, and cman made it possible through his application on github. While Valorant offers tons of skin to choose from, it’s currently impossible to switch variants in the middle of the game. With cman’s application, players can change weapons between rounds. 

He has been experimenting with different programs on github that players can run in the background. cman shared a clip on Reddit in which he showcased a well-organized inventory that looked much different compared to Riot’s version. In cman’s version, weapons were divided into different sections. Upon clicking, players can view skins for the selected tab. Inside the tabs, the creator has divided variants and colors into dropdowns, a feature that Valorant currently lacks. 

For example, the Vandal box will store all collections for Vandal along with its variants. Players can view different variants and even go back to previous levels from this tab. His design also lets players inspect the skins in a little animated screen. 

This creation was well-received by Valorant skin collectors who own a variety of skins. While Valorant’s inventory is also easily accessible, cman’s version is much cleaner. It stores all skins in individual boxes, and the sleek theme makes it easier for players to browse through their skin collections. 

Can you downgrade skins in Valorant? 

There is currently no way to select specific Valorant skin styles, but that is set to change in patch 3.08. The upcoming update will allow players to choose which iteration of their skins they wish to use. They can revert the levels and downgrade to preferred weapons. It’s unclear how this feature will work in practice, but players will be able to enjoy all levels of the gun skins they’ve paid for.