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New CSGO Kart mod bring Rocket League fun to CSGO

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A crazy new mod in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lets players drive Rocket League cars in the popular tactical first-person shooter.

Valve’s FPS has become the go-to tactical shooter in 2022. Most players return to the game for its competitive appeal, dynamic weapons, and fun maps. It has curated a player base that loves a challenge. But while players are busy climbing the ranks, they may overlook a lot of the fun CSGO offers. CSGO doesn’t have to be stressful. Custom mods are packed with silly maps that make for a great time. One example is CSGO Kart, inspired by Rocket League, except it brings actual Rockets into the field. 

CSGO Kart packed with fun and rockets 

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Psyonix’s playful car-based soccer game isn’t as simple as it may at first seem. The high-powered hybrid car game requires a complex knowledge of physics and soccer. CSGO Kart is here to recreate that fun.

A new Rocket League mod in CSGO plucks all of Rocket League’s compelling elements and adds a destructive dash of functioning bombs. The mod has been developed by Dieter Stassen and Luke Millanta, who go by the name “Two Random Dudes.”  

“Instead of playing as soldiers/humans, you instead take the form of a rocket-firing go-kart. From here each team battles it out to capture the other team’s flag and return it to their base,” developers said. 

The visually upbeat and arcade-style game features speedy cars attached with rockets on their heads. Players can use this firepower to destroy enemies’ vehicles in their quest to attain the flag. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. To complete their mission, players are equipped with rockets, speed boosts, health kits, teleporters, and more. 

The mod’s features are pretty similar to the original Rocket League. Even while creating this fun game, the developers stayed true to CSGO’s shooting roots. Players must navigate around missiles in this mod.

How to download CSGO Kart

Players can enjoy new Rocket League mod CSGO Kart by jumping through just a few hoops:

  • Sign in to your Steam account on the browser and click on this link
  • Click on the green “subscribe” button to add this map to your list
  • Start CSGO and click play on CSGO Kart under the workshop menu.