CS 1.6 maps in CSGO

How to play your favorite CS 1.6 maps in CSGO

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 7, 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has over a dozen new locations, but players are still hooked on CS 1.6 maps. Here’s how you can play classic CS 1.6 maps in CSGO. 

A plethora of dedicated CS players switched to global offensive when it was released in 2012. The modern version was clean and balanced, but it lacked many CS 1.6 players’ favorite locations. Most of the omitted maps were clunky and unbalanced, but loyal players still reminisce about them. Fortunately, Steam allows independent designers to have fun with the game code. 

In 2022, players can try out almost all the old maps in realistic CSGO-style visuals. Here’s how to play your favorite CS 1.6 maps in CSGO: 

How to play CS 1.6 maps in CSGO

Players can load any map they have subscribed to by independent map designers. Tons of CS 1.6 players have recreated the old maps that can be played in CSGO. 

Everything has been recreated more realistically, from the blue tiles of Pool Day to the stark white scenery of Iceworld. Aztec, Assault, Riot, and the other classic locations look even better with the modern CSGO touch. Players can enjoy these maps by jumping through a few hoops:

  • Sign in to your Steam account on the browser and click on this link
  • Select your preferred map from the long list
  • For example, select fy_pool_day_classic
  • Click on the green “subscribe” button to add this map to your list

Open CSGO after subscribing to your favorite location. Go to the play screen and select Workshop maps from the drop-down menu. All your newly subscribed CS 1.6 maps should be here, ready to be played. However, you can also play custom games on these old maps. Maps by independent creators can’t be played in competitive and casual queues. 

Why did Valve remove Cobblestone from CSGO?

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Cobblestone was one of the most popular maps in the CS franchise. However, it didn’t last long in the competitive queues of CSGO. Massive changes to the Cobblestone layout caused a drop in its popularity, prompting Valve to delete it. 

Players loved the classic Cobblestone with clunky blocks and simpler visuals. CSGO’s Cobblestone was much more detailed and went through considerable design changes. These tweaks didn’t sit well with the players who stopped picking the classic location in the competitive mode. Eventually, Valve dropped Cobblestone in favor of Vertigo. 


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