This new Nuke run boost is your ticket out of silver

Fariha Bhatti • June 21, 2022 11:21 am

They say Nuke is too CT-sided, but this newly discovered jump boost proves that it might actually be true. 

According to the stats, Nuke is one of the most Counter-Terrorist sided maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The bombsites require terrorists to move through hazardous entryways and have dangerous layouts with many sightlines for defenders.

It’s a tricky situation for the Ts in any sense but tricks reinforce the stats even further. CSGO players have discovered a spot on Nuke that sends the AWPer flying to a deadly location. 

New Nuke run boost is too OP

Nuke run boost

A player named Wilzu shared the run boost, demonstrating how AWPers can gain a competitive edge over the enemies. 

The area above A main is meant to be used by the T side who jump off silo. But the CTs can run boost and effectively surf over yellow door thanks to an odd hitbox. The door should toss you on top of A main’s roof, an overpowered spot with a high vantage point of Ts looking to get to red box or secret. 

The AWPer can pick off enemies in the first few seconds of the round. It can also be executed in the middle of the game, but it’d be less fruitful. Ts are most likely to push outside in a horde, ensuring that the CT-AWPer can quickly net at least one opening kill. 

Players trying to rank up can benefit from this trick as it is still new. It may look easy, but anything other than perfect execution is dangerous.

In higher ELOs, executing it clumsily can turn into a nightmare. The booster would be left out in the open, so quick movement is a must. A second of delay spells quick death for both players looking to use this trick. 

Conversely, players may exploit it comfortably in low ranks. It may be easily countered at a higher level of competition, but low-ranked players would become easy targets. It’s a high-risk trick but worth practicing if you’re looking to escape low ELO in CSGO. 


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