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This new Mirage bug has proven game-breaking in CSGO

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 9, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A glitch in Mirage has created a new peeking spot, which could cost the Counter-Terrorists their life. 

Not all glitches in CSGO are bad. Sometimes players exploit glitches to trick enemies and bag bonus kills, like this new one on Mirage. Players are now hoping their game gets bugged so they can gain an edge over the opponents. This brand new CSGO glitch on Mirage creates a sneaky opening between carts. It’s game-breaking, and players are busy exploiting it to the fullest. 

A player highlighted the bug that appeared multiple times in the game. Sometimes, his carts would glitch, creating an unintentional peeking hole that benefits the Terrorists. 

Other players confirmed that the bug is consistent for many but it fortunately can’t be replicated on purpose. It’s still pretty powerful, however. The Mirage bug randomly gets triggered, providing a peeking advantage to one side. This glitch can be highly game-changing as Ts can easily pick off enemies on B-short. The CTs often push forward into the catwalk when the top-mid is clear. The cart player can shoot down aggressive enemies using this exploit. 

It’s game-breaking because CTs won’t know the source of fire, hence they can’t shoot back. If the bug persists throughout the round, Ts can abuse it multiple times as it’s tough to spot for the CTs. With minimal help from another player, a player with bugged Mirage can help his team win multiple rounds on T-side. 

According to players, this bug is likely due to alt-tabbing mid-game. However, many haven’t experienced any unusual glitches despite actively using Steam overlay. The glitch source is unknown, but Valve might address it soon. The player has already reached out to the developer, so expect a fix soon. 

How to disable Steam overlay in CSGO

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Disabling Steam overlay can help get rid of multiple in-game issues. It also helps boost FPS (frames per rate) if you’re using a low-end computer. Here’s how to disable Steam overlay in CSGO:

  • Go to Steam settings
  • Click on Steam overlay 
  • Select in-game
  • Click on disable Steam overlay

You should notice a slight increase in your FPS after disabling the alt-tab. However, you won’t be able to chat with friends and use google for as long as you’re in the game.