Game-breaking CSGO “god mode” bug makes players invincible

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player has encountered a weird bug that effectively triggers god mode. 

CSGO’s enduring esports scene is a testament to how deep the gameplay is and how stable it has been over the years. The game has its fair share of glitches and bugs that make it a nuisance to play, but these have generally been minor. A big one does sometimes slip through the cracks though, such as this one.

The so-called “god mode bug” is the latest in the litany of complaints that players have from CSGO. Videos show that this new glitch makes players invincible to bullets.

It’s pretty standard for a game to experience weird bugs after receiving a new patch update. Changes to the game’s net code can mess up the mechanics, but this latest glitch is major. The game-breaking bug is automatically enabling god mode in ranked matches, making it so bullets pass through players. The game seems to be registering that damage should be taking effect as the scoreboards will show utility damage increasing when a grenade lands, but players aren’t dropping dead or seemingly even being hit by bullets.  

The lack of blood hints that bullets are not touching the body of the model. A player named JooFrob released a short clip of gameplay with the bug active, which sees terrorists huddled around the bomb to prevent the CTs from defusing it. Since they’re invincible, CTs can’t do anything to budge them away from the C4.

Apart from this significant issue, the player noticed a few other problems in CSGO. For example, weapons spawning everywhere, reload animations skipping, and inspect weapons not working. 

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This is a game-breaking bug and it’s unknown what triggers it. CSGO recently had a new update that included minor changes and brand new music kits. The bug popped up after the patch dropped, and something therein likely brought about some unintended consequences.

Players were already frustrated with the recent patch, as it failed to address urgent issues in the game. This bug isn’t helping Valve’s case. While most players claim to have encountered the bug only recently, some insist that it’s a long-standing glitch that existed before August release notes. Whatever the case, it’s a game-breaking glitch that requires a hotfix from the developer.