This new CSGO skin is based on a real-life counter-terrorist

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Operation Riptide reminds players that conflicts aren’t exclusive to video games. 

A new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive agent skin appears to be a tribute to a real French counter-terrorist. The new exceptional agents collection includes Officer Jacques Beltram, a CT skin meant to represent the French gendarmerie. His name, story, and appearance all point to real-life gendarme Arnaud Beltrame, who traded himself for a hostage during a 2018 terrorist attack in France.

In his official flavor text, Jacques is described as a Legion of Honor recipient who traded himself for a hostage at an unspecified attack. During a 2018 terror attack, the real Arnaud Beltrame heroically traded places with the final hostage. After a four-hour standoff with the terrorists, Beltrame passed away in the struggle. The country celebrated his service with a formal ceremony at France’s military district. Beltrame posthumously received a promotion to colonel and entrance into the Legion of Honour, France’s highest military order. 

While clearly an homage to the real Beltrame, Jacques Beltram’s lore doesn’t match up perfectly with the French hero. Jacques is described as “a hero, a single father, and a passionate consumer of pain au chocolate at all times of day.” The real Arnaud Beltrame married in 2016 with no children. There are no records of his pastry preferences, though Beltrame probably enjoyed a pain au chocolat every now and again. Even with the differences, French CSGO players likely appreciate the nod towards French military history.

How to get Arnaud Beltrame skin in CSGO

Officer Jacques Beltram is an exceptional rarity agent skin for Operation Riptide. To earn his appearance in-game, players must trade seven Riptide stars for a chance at any of the five exceptional agents. Agent skins do not have a float value the way gun skins do, so there’s no need to worry about opening a battle-scarred Beltram. The menu for the Arnaud Beltrame skin is located in the Riptide operation shop. 

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Each roll costs seven Riptide stars, which players earn by completing Operation Riptide missions or buying them outright. Each week, Riptide gives players a bunch of new missions to complete. Earning the maximum ten stars is tricky, but dedicated players can top up their reserve for 49 cents a star.