CSGO Operation Riptide week one mission guide

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 23, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Want to earn the fancy new 2021 CSGO skins as quickly as possible? Here’s how to get max stars in Operation Riptide week one.

Operation Riptide lets players pick their own rewards, but only once they’ve gotten enough stars. These stars can be accrued through a series of weekly missions. The first week of Operation Riptide missions will take you many of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s game modes. Players can earn up to 10 stars that can be exchanged for the new gun and agent skins. Here’s how to full-clear every mission for Riptide week one.

Deathmatch – Mirage – Food Chain

This is probably the easiest week one Riptide mission. The fastest way to do this mission would be to kill yourself in the console until you spawn near the location you need. Keep in mind that there are no spawns directly on the A bomb site, which you’ll need to defend twice. Selecting the free-for-all option will speed up the process. The only difficult part is making sure that you load into a Mirage server, though the map is obviously very popular right now so even that shouldn’t be too hard.

Danger Zone – Blacksite – Blood In The Water

This is another checklist mission series that rewards three total stars. Players will need to destroy an enemy drone, break some glass, blow up a barrel, and rescue a hostage. The final task requires using a bump mine at the top of the water tower, which is equal parts dangerous and fun. The hardest part about this mission is waiting for Blacksite to become the available Danger Zone map.

Competitive – Short Match – Premier

This Riptide mission requires players to try out the new first-to-nine matchmaking option. This is one of the easier missions to complete for week one, and it also rewards the most stars with three. Head to the Competitive queue tab and make sure that only Premier maps are selected. This mission also shows off the new match length feature. In the queue menu, select the short match length option under the Wingman tab.

Wingman – Extraction

The two-versus-two retake mode returns with an incentive for Operation Riptide. To earn two stars, players must either deal 300 utility damage across multiple games, or deal 200 utility in a single match. You’ll need multiple strong frag grenades to hit that number. A possible strategy is luring the T side onto the bomb and then throwing a molotov. If you’re familiar with the spawns, it’s not too difficult to peg someone with a grenade every round.

Guardian – It’s Raining Sharks

This Riptide mission requires a friend to complete. Players must survive an onslaught of parachuting enemies in the Guardian Blacksite game mode. A pair of players must shoot down 30 parachuting bots equipped with only AWPs. It might take a few tries to complete, but it’s worth it for the two Riptide stars rewarded.

Casual – Group Delta  – Feeding Frenzy

This is probably the most tedious Riptide week one mission. It requires you to score 30 kills across multiple casual matches, and it rewards two stars. It also has an alternate completion method of scoring four multi-kill rounds in a single match. The presence of 10 players on each side makes this more likely, but the shorter match length evens it out. Just grind delta casually until you manage thirty frags.