This LoL pro flamed a teammate sitting beside him

By Nicholas James


Mar 10, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A Chinese LoL pro player flamed a player in solo queue who turned out to be his professional play teammate who was sitting right beside him the entire time.

Li “Xiahu” Yuan-Hao, the current mid laner for Weibo Gaming in the Chinese LPL was playing a ranked match of League of Legends that wasn’t going very well and he decided to voice his complaints about his teammates’ play. What he didn’t realize what that one of those teammates was Weibo Gaming’s AD carry player Wang “Light” Guang-Yu.

Xiaohu, LoL pro, flamed his teammate by accident

Xiaohu was playing a game of League of Legends ranked and losing. His team is almost all dead, himself included, and the enemy team is well ahead. After being run down and killed by the enemy Olaf, Xiaohu starts to lose his cool. He laments getting unlucky with unresponsive teammates and says he shouldn’t have to put up with a bad team so often. He then criticizes his team’s bot lane, saying they aren’t where they need to be. He then says that his team is sleepwalking, refers to them as scared dogs, and pleads that they hurry up and surrender the game. It’s at this moment that Light, sitting mere feet from Xiaohu in the team’s practice room, pipes up and reveals that the Aphelios Xiaohu was complaining about was him.

Xiaohu immediately realizes the comedy of the situation and jokingly asks Light why he didn’t say anything when they got placed in the same lobby. According to translations by Pod of Ages host Linda, he laughs about the fact that Light has been sitting silently while he vocally complains about his friend and colleague’s play. Neither of them seems particularly mad, and when Xiaohu asks, “I didn’t say anything about you, did I?” Light answers that “I think you just called me an idiot.” While the incident is comical, it seems to be no more than a funny story to both of them.


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