This LoL bug turns champions tiny

By Nicholas James


Apr 9, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends has been home to some pretty goofy bugs, but one that turns champions absolutely tiny is one of the wackiest.

Have you ever wanted to know what a certain champion would look like if they were reduced to the size of a mini-Krug? Well luckily you can do just that — it only requires two specific champions to be in the game. Here’s how this LoL bug turns champions’ in-game models into a fraction of their previous size.

LoL bug makes champions tiny

This bug, as with many in League of Legends, was first highlighted by the game’s resident bug-finder, Vandiril.

The content creator discovered it years ago but fellow YouTuber Hextech Lab found out the bug still works in 2023. The bug requires two specific champions in the game, a Neeko and an Urgot on opposite teams. Neeko has the unique ability to adopt the appearance of her allies, including their health bar and other attributes at the time of copying.

This ends up having an unusual and presumably unintended interaction with champions caught by Urgot’s ultimate, Fear Beyond Death.

Urgot’s ultimate is a long range skillshot that can reel enemies back into Urgot and devour them if they’re low health. During this animation, they’re dragged into a grinding engine in Urgot’s chest and disappear in a burst of viscera. If Neeko adopts the appearance of an ally who is being killed by Urgot’s ultimate, the bug happens. She’ll appear as a tiny version of them.

This presumably has to do with the ally’s model being shrunk down in the final moments of the animation in order to fit ‘inside’ Urgot. The explanation doesn’t make watching a tiny Cho’Gath waddle around the rift any less hilarious. The bug appears to be innately tied to Urgot’s ultimate, as it still functions even years after its discovery.


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