Veigar bug

This League of Legends bug prints near-infinite gold

By Nicholas James


Oct 15, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends is no stranger to game-breaking bugs of a wide variety. From Viego to Veigar there’s plenty of champions who can cause the game to glitch out and perform incorrectly. Vandiril, the most prolific bug-catcher for Riot’s MOBA, published a video highlighting a bug that allows characters to reach full build much faster than intended.

In the video, Vandiril focuses on an NA player profile named Rusella. A quick look at Rusella’s match history brings out some strange questions. Nearly all of Rusella’s games involve him having a full build of completed items, despite the time on the clock. It’s possible to hit full build before 30 minutes, but doing so consistently is incredibly hard. One of the few losses on the match history gives us a clue to what’s being abused.

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What bug in League of Legends causes infinite money?

A Jax wielding a spectral sickle should raise eyebrows. What’s a top laner doing with a support item in their inventory?

The glitch in question revolves around Vigilant Wardstone, the upgraded version of Watchful Wardstone. Vigilant Wardstone upgrades from Watchful Wardstone once a player has reached level 13 and has acquired 1000 gold through a support item passive.

Vandiril highlights a bug in which a player can repeatedly acquire, sell, and resell the Vigilant Wardstone for a prophet. In the video, Rusella stands in base and places control wards on the ground in front of them as their gold total skyrockets. Then, once they’re done, they sell their support item and walk out of a base with an inventory full of expensive damage legendaries.

According to Vandiril, while this iteration of the bug has been fixed, there’s still a money glitch with the Wardstone that can be replicated. Keep an eye out for opponents wielding unexpected support items, as they might be trying to abuse the remaining glitch.


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