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Ken from the Barbie movie is grinding Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 11, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant fever has reached the cast of the hotly anticipated Barbie movie as Ken #2 reveals he’s grinding ranked to master a new support character in Riot’s FPS Valorant.

Simu Liu is known for playing Shang Chi in Marvel Cinematic Universe. But now, the superhero has made a massive switch to Barbie’s pink fantasy universe. Second to Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu is playing Ken #2. But he’s not just an excellent support in Barbie — Simu Liu is also a support main in Valorant.

Ken #2 Simu Liu has revealed that while Diablo 4 is his main game after a work day, he also enjoys playing Valorant with friends.

“When I get together with my friends, I play a little bit of Valorant,” Simu said.

Barbie’s Ken is a Breach main in Valorant

Breach in Valorant

Valorant is pretty famous among celebrities, and Simu Liu is the latest on the long list. But Ken #2 sounds more versed than other celebrities who claim to play video games, particularly FPS. The Barbie actor knows many characters and has already mastered Brimstone and Sage. Now, he’s moving on to new support, Breach.

“I have been developing a Breach, but you got like Brim, Sage, a lot of support. But Breach has been interesting. He’s like right in there,” he said.

The actor said that he likes Breach’s ultimate since it’s “really in there,” and he’s not wrong. The bionic Swede is highly viable in breaking open sites and executing aggressive plays. Compared to Brimstone and Sage, Liu’s two main agents, Breach is definitely out of his comfort zone. But he’s still learning.

Barbie movie comes out on July 21 with Ryan Gosling, Margot Robbie, and Simu Liu in lead roles. Fans of Liu who know him from Marvel would be pleasantly surprised to watch him in the character of Ken #2.