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This is when the next Valorant agent is getting released

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 28, 2022

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Neon has quickly found her footing in Valorant protocol, and players already can’t wait to learn a brand new agent. However, the new agent may not be coming anytime soon. 

Riot Games has just extended the Valorant agent roster with the electrifying Neon. The agility hero has successfully adjusted into Valorant’s crowded duelist lineup, but now players want something more. The game looks great ability-wise, but the Valorant community is looking for answers about game lore and agent 8.

Valorant agent 20 release date 

The exact date of Valorant’s next agent, referred to as 20, is still unknown, but we do know that it’s not coming in Episode 4, Act 2. According to the developers, the next Valorant agent will be released in the final act of the current episode. 

Leaks suggest that Riot is considering agent and map balances for act two, so players shouldn’t expect massive changes anytime soon. Valorant currently has 18 agents, and not all of them are perfectly balanced. The protocol is in dire need of tweaks. The developer would likely deliver a Yoru rework before introducing the next agent. Fracture may also see some changes in the next act. 

Act 3 should roll in with a new face. It’s unknown who the next agent would be, but it’d likely answer tons of lore-related questions. Players are still in the dark about agent eight and the mirror-verse. Why does Reyna want to villainize Neon, and how is agent eight connected to Chamber? With each map release and agent addition, the lore continues to become more complex, and players want answers.

Who’s the next Valorant agent? 

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Agent 19 or tag 20 will probably be spawned as a Controller. The smoker roster was last updated in March of 2021 when Astra was released. The Ghanain smoker is top tier in professional games, but she has failed to hit the mark for rank players. However, anything can be expected from the new agent. 

The game has the right amount of smokers in Episode 4, so Riot will probably shake up the meta with a healer. Valorant only has two healers in the current patch, so don’t be surprised if devs whip up a doctor for Act 3. Currently, players heavily rely on Sage and Skye to patch up bullet holes. The devs may extend the healer roster with the upcoming Valorant agent.