Cypher setup

This is the ultimate Cypher setup to lock down sites on Split

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Cypher’s pick rate has fallen dramatically in the current act but handling his kit correctly can make ranking up easy, as this new Cypher setup on Split proves. 

The release of new sentinels has pushed Cypher into the background. No one wants to go the extra mile to learn Cypher setups, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort. Learning a few Cypher setups and lineups can yield easy wins across all ELOs. Many professional players find it hard to replace the Moroccan spy despite the release of new characters. 

Not all Valorant agents are equally viable, but some can be highly impactful on certain maps. Investing in a coach can make agent selection easier. Sites like Metafy can help you find a coach to dissect each agent’s kit and how it can be used on each map. 

This new setup shows that Cypher is still good for those who know the right tricks. 

Defend Split with this Cypher setup

New Cypher setup on Ascent

Cypher is equipped with opaque cages that make for great one-ways with the right lineups. He can use those abilities to create a tricky angle that a player holding the tower can utilize to take down approaching enemies. 

It’s not recommended to use the first smoke by itself as it exposes you to enemies in B-main. Drop both the cages as shown in the video and post up in the towers. As soon as enemies push in, activate the second smoke to deal maximum damage. The attacker’s view of the tower will be blocked entirely, allowing easy kills. Your anchor on the B site can also capitalize on this situation by taking down distracted enemies. 

This dual smoke setup is killer on the B-site as it halts a push entirely or deals huge damage for those who decide to keep pushing. Watch out for Sage’s wall, as this setup would be useless if there’s a barrier under smoke. Luckily, players can still use a retake smoke and leave the site open in case of a hard push on the back of Sage’s barrier. 

The last smoke can be game-changing in retake situations. Just hide the device for later use and activate it when the Spike is being activated. The most predictable hiding spot, the back corner of B, will be completely exposed through the smoke. You might be able to take down multiple enemies, emptying out the site for a retake. 

The verticality of Cypher’s smoke allows for wild one-way plays, but it’s tough to develop them in range. If you want to learn underrated agents to trick enemies, try getting help from a skilled coach on Metafy and escape low ranks. 

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