This molotov lineup is the easiest way to retake Mirage’s A site

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 7, 2022

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Mirage’s A site is comparatively easier to break into than B, but Counter-Terrorists can still delay the bomb plant using this lineup. 

Almost all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps are biased towards the CTs to some extent, but Mirage’s A site can be a handful. Defending the location against terrorists who know their smokes is no easy feat. A few smokes coupled with molotovs can quickly open the site for a safe plant. The only way to counter a well-executed site take is by learning utility. 

This new lineup to retake Mirage’s A site has professional players’ stamp of approval. Delaying the bomb plant could help rattle the Ts, ultimately allowing re-entry into the site. 

How to retake Mirage’s A site? 

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Give this molotov highlighted by Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad a try to regain site control. This lineup burns about 60% of the plant area, earning your teammates extra time to strategize before the bomb goes down. 

The lineup to retake Mirage’s A site begins from the corner of CT spawn. It’s safe because a swift A site control means CT spawn has been smoked off among other entryways. Next, place your crosshair on the right corner of the pillar, as shown in the video. Release the molotov to roast the entire default area and a part of triple. This leaves the CT-side of the triple as the sole option to plant for the Ts, which isn’t the safest spot considering smoke would soon dissipate. 

This Mirage retake molotov should buy plenty of time to gain back site control and tip the balance. Make sure you time this molotov correctly when the enemy’s smoke is still in place. Don’t wait for the plant sound cue. Toss the grenade as soon as the smoke blooms and Ts have entered the site. When smokes evaporate, try pushing into the danger zone on the back of flashbangs and other grenades. Site retake should be smooth and successful if your utility is on point.

Is Mirage a T-sided map? 

Mirage is the most balanced CSGO map with a 50% win rate for both sides. The location has a middle area that is just as hard to attack as it is to defend. Ts can break into either site with correct utility usage. The complex sites provide ample choke points for CTs to hide in. 


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