This is the best way to smoke yard on Nuke in CSGO

By Nick Johnson


Jul 9, 2020

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Counter-Strile: Global Offensive is all about controlling territory, and there may not be a more powerful area to take over than the outside yard on Nuke.

After Nuke was updated, many teams threw these yard smokes just to hold CT players in their default positions. Without the ability to know if the attackers are walking down secret or faking for a quick A rush to punish an early rotation, the smokes are the best $900 a terrorist team can spend on the CT-sided map. 

Two of these smokes are thrown from T-spawn, giving the attacking team a wealth of options immediately after they’re thrown. The third is a cross smoke between red crate and the attacking side’s blue crates. That smoke is a simple run and throw, still leaving players with a ton of options.

How to throw Nuke’s yard smokes from T spawn 

The first two smokes work in tandem, blocking off all sightlines from the garage, mini, and heaven. They will allow T players to cross unseen into secret.

The first smoke has a player walk to the back of the truck in T spawn and line up with the left rail of the truck bed. They then look up, place their crosshair in the middle of the building’s two windows, and jump-throw.

Blog post image

Blog post image

This is the first of two smokes to block the second cross that normally exposes attacking players to CTs holding in mini or heaven. Unfortunately, the gap between red crate and secret is too large for just a single smoke to do the trick. The second smoke is also thrown from the T spawn truck. Attackers can line up with the vertical edge of the truck’s bed and aim under the box on the building and just to the left of the light pole. Players should know that the light pole will bounce the smoke, but if the smoke successfully makes it past, the throw is a success.

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The picture above is for reference. When players actually throw the smoke, they’ll want to be right up against the truck. Here’s the lineup:

Blog post image

Both of these smokes are jump-throws, which means players are going to either need good timing on the smoke release or a custom jump-throw bind. Players can read more about jump-throw binds and the autoexec files needed to use them by following this link.

Throwing Nuke’s yard cross smoke to red crate

The final smoke is the cross smoke. This easy grenade will allow attackers to cross the initial gap to the red crate without fear of being AWPed from CT garage. While running to yard, players can line up with the fence’s shadow and run along it, throwing the smoke at the marker just as the shadow ends.

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Players are aiming at the first fence pole, right where the fence starts. This smoke is a quick one, bouncing hard to the left and blooming in just seconds. Thrown about two to three seconds after teammates throw the two other smokes, all three work can together to create a path for the T side to sneak into secret.

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Be warned that if these smokes are even just a little bit off, small gaps will exist. But a few outside flashes, even just one thrown over marshmallow, can make up for any gaps.

It’s also important to note that T players should walk for the majority of the cross. This setup is all about causing confusion for the CTs. If they hear five enemies stomping around on the other side of the smoke, that can give up the game. Ts also have to worry about incendiary grenades, bullet spam, and HE grenades, all of which can make crossing to secret more complicated.

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The best part about these cross smokes is that if the attacking side throws them every round, they create an inherent disadvantage for the CTs. If the attacking side uses these to execute through secret every time they throw them, CTs will catch on quick. But by throwing in an outer yard fake using the smokes before hitting A fast, or by tossing in a surprise ramp rush, the CT side suddenly goes from the favored side on Nuke to the underdog.

These Nuke yard smokes are essential if teams plan on getting anything done on the notoriously one-sided map. CSGO is all about creating options and opportunities, and these smokes do just that.


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