This is how you deal 54 million damage with one attack in Dota 2

By Steven Rondina


Aug 3, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Dota 2 players and fans love discovering and surviving the deadliest attack the game has to offer. People pour over the game’s data, crunch the numbers, and figure out the perfect combination of factors to set up the most powerful attacks and abilities possible in the game.. 

While this becomes a mathematical challenge in many game, Dota 2 is unique as there are actually a number of different heroes that scale infinitely based on abilities that give them permanent stat boosts. The most easily executed and practical skill that stacks infinitely in Dota 2 is Ursa’s right-click.

Anyone that has played as or against Ursa knows of his Fury Swipes attack modifier, which adds stacking bonus damage with each hit. So long as Ursa keeps hitting the same target and the Fury Swipes debuff timer doesn’t reset, more and more damage will continue to be added without a set limit. 

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Dota 2 players have been fooling around with this by entering the game’s demo mode, spawning an entire team of Ursas, placing an attack dummy, and then walking away from their desks after the Ursas are ordered to attack. Left alone for a time, this results in Ursa hitting the target dummy for millions of points of damage. Players then added in auras and armor reduction to increase this damage even further.

The result for one Reddit user was Ursa hitting the target for 2.55 billion damage with each attack, adding up to trillions of damage overall. That’s probably enough to swing a team fight.

Pudge, Lion, and more heroes have infinite scaling in Dota 2

Ursa’s Fury Swipes scales infinitely on a temporary basis, but there are actually plenty of other heroes in Dota 2 that could achieve those numbers if given enough time. Legion Commander, Silencer, Pudge, Lion, and Underlord can all scale infinitely with their own abilities. 

Pudge and Silencer gain bonuses to their primary attributes by being within a certain proximity of an enemy hero’s death. Underlord has a similar mechanic, but with boosts delivered directly to his attack damage.

Legion Commander is built around her Duel ultimate, which gives her permanent bonus damage when she successful downs a hero under its influence. Lion has a relatively new mechanic that offers a permanent damage boost to his ultimate each time it sets up a kill. This could make his ultimate do millions of damage with each strike, given enough time and opportunity.

In every cases, it takes an exceptionally long time, so don’t expect to be dealing this sort of damage in your next pub game.


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