Nighttime Split

This is how Split would look at night with a cyberpunk theme

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

You ever wonder how your favorite Valorant map would look in the dark variant? This player has redesigned Split in the nighttime with a dash of cyberpunk. 

All Valorant maps are set in bright daylight to ensure visibility for competitive purposes. However, players can’t help but wonder how hauntingly beautiful these locations would look past midnight. A player named Ravoux has reimagined the office-like vista of Split into an emotive nighttime site. 

Ravoux’s Split is serene but bizarre, with cyberpunk neon colors. The combination is captivating as it makes Split look like a location straight out of an action movie. 

Riot Games’ first lore-heavy music video was also set in Split, so this map holds sentimental value for Valorant players. Phoenix took the bullet for Sage and Brimstone on this exact location, and players think a part two would look fantastic on this night variant. However, this dark backdrop calls for agents like Reyna, Viper, and Omen, who would look the part. The fans can easily see the three locking horns on the scuttle shack of nighttime Split. 

The designer also made it rain to intensify the filmy effect. The neon lights and posters add a spooky touch to the whole setting. Split brand glows in silver on the backdrop of colorful Japanese posters. The floor is also glistening with rain, making it the perfect surface for Neon’s drifting tricks. 

Fan creates a nighttime Split and it’s awesome

The feedback from the community has been overwhelming as players have never seen a night variant of Split like this. The players are now requesting Ravoux to release it as animated wallpaper for all. The original artist hasn’t yet released the wallpaper, but another fan transferred the files. The final product isn’t flawless. It’s a bit blurry and has tweaked colors, but players are happy with it. 

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While this nighttime variant looks tempting, it’s unlikely Riot would roll out an official one. The dark light can hinder competitive play and cause imbalance. So, these unique variants may only be limited to wallpapers and art. However, it’s undoubtedly an exciting idea if Riot finds a way to incorporate dark-themed locations into the map. 

Players can cop the Split nighttime wallpaper from here

Is Split the best Valorant map?

Split is one of the better Valorant maps, if not the best. The colorful location features an interesting combination of greenery and office-like interiors. Split is easier to tackle as defenders since it features plenty of chokepoints and tight corners.