Naruto as a Valorant agent

This is how Naruto would look as a Valorant agent

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Naruto may be the strongest shinobi, but does he stand a chance against the Valorant roster? A player has visualized Naruto as a Valorant agent, and it’s surprisingly accurate. 

Fans of the popular Japanese manga series Naruto don’t hold back when it comes to art dedicated to their favorite characters. Naruto has a massive and passionate fanbase that is now expanding into Valorant. A fan has combined the two in a refreshing crossover, creating the ultimate Valorant shinobi. 

This is what happens when the Naruto fandom collides with the gaming world.

Player designs Naruto as a Valorant agent 

A player named embyrinth has brought Naruto to Valorant by drawing him in a similar art style to the agents. Unlike the anime, Naruto’s Valorant counterpart looks more realistic due to his human-like features. Each detail has been taken into consideration, painting him as a worthy contender to mirror agents. While adding the Valorant touch, embyrinth ensured that Naruto stayed true to his anime core. 

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The artists held off on anime’s cartoonish profile and went for a realistic face. Embyrinth’s Naruto wears the signature headband on bright yellow hair that sets him apart from other characters. The spiked hairstyle is also similar to the original anime character. Donned in a black and orange outfit carrying a heavy Judge, Embyrinth’s Naruto perfectly fits the Valorant protocol. 

This recreation is undoubtedly a treat for Naruto fans who wish to see their favorite characters fight against the mirror agents. However, something like this will likely never happen officially. 

What would Naruto’s abilities be in Valorant? 

Appearance-wise, Naruto would blend perfectly well with the roster. But would he be able to take down Yoru and other duelists? A look into how his potential kit could work may answer the question. 

Naruto may have healing abilities in Valorant, something that is rare in Valorant. The young ninja is known to heal whoever he touches with his Ying-Yang, making him a worthy addition. So far, only a few agents can heal in Valorant, so Naruto could surely fill the gap.

On the other hand, players have long been complaining about Jett being the lone mobility ranger. Naruto could be a contender to Jett’s speedy tactics with his flight mode. In the long-running anime, it’s not clear whether it’s a consistent ability but the shinobi has been spotted flying through the air multiple times. 

Naruto’s ultimate may have something to do with the nine-tails chakra mode. Like the anime, activating this mode will significantly enhance his physical abilities. The agent would be able to utilize his generic kit in a better and more effective way, even sharing his powers. During the nine-tails Chakra, Naruto could improve his teammates’ maneuverability, vision, and abilities.