This is how much your lol account is worth

By William Davis


Feb 15, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

If you’re someone who spent years actively playing League of Legends and building up your collection, you might be curious to find out how much it is worth.

Alternatively, you might be actively looking to quit the game and sell the account but lack the knowledge required to accurately evaluate it based on the current market.

Either way, the best method of accurately calculating the value of your account is by using a trusted League of Legends calculator app.

LolValue – discover the value of your LoL account

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LoLValue stands out as the most accurate LoL account calculator app on the market and the most reliable method of truly evaluating your profile.

This is because this application considers several important factors when determining the price of your account that go beyond traditional evaluation methods.

On top of that, it uses an advanced algorithm that not only calculates how much you’ve invested but also what the account could potentially sell for in the future. 

Real value and market value

This neat application divides the value of your LoL account into two categories which help you understand and differentiate the account’s real value and its sell-on value.

The estimated real value of your account calculates the value proportionate to its worth in RP, taking into account several different parameters, each very important if you aim to be accurate. 

However, this sum may seem somewhat inflated since hextech crafting and Amazon Prime subscriptions made skins and cosmetics more accessible. It’s not a realistic price you could get on the market if you were to put your account up for sale.

That’s where the market value calculator comes in as it accurately determines the sell-on value of your LoL account based on the secondary market.

This evaluation method is beneficial if you’re trying to immediately sell your account as it gives you a good perspective of the price it could realistically sell for.

What impacts the value of my LoL account?

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Skins and skin rarity

The collection of your skins is undoubtedly the most impactful aspect in determining the overall value of your LoL account as they’re the most desirable cosmetic item in the game.

Skins are universally adored, particularly the high-end skins that boast stunning visual effects that completely change the appearance of a champion. 

Naturally, expensive skins that are ranked Epic or higher in rarity have a higher impact on your account value, especially Mythic and Ultimate skins.

In conclusion, the more skins your account has and the rarer they are, the better. This is the formula LoLValue uses when pricing up your LoL account which is the main reason for its continuous reliability and accuracy.

Level, rank, and champions

Your current position on the ranked ladder highly impacts its value as high elo accounts demand a premium on the market, check your MMR for better insight. 

This is especially the case for accounts ranked Diamond and above as those ranks are extremely difficult to reach for an average player, increasing their value on the LoLValue app as a result.

The number of champions your account possesses also impacts the displayed value as accounts with all champions unlocked and plenty of BE to spend are more desirable for customers.

Last but not least, your level also has a slight impact on the value of your LoL account, as high-level accounts are more desirable as they have plenty of unique level borders unlocked.

Current RP

Any leftover RP on your account will instantly increase its price and contribute to its attractiveness to potential buyers.

This is because having RP on a freshly bought account allows the future buyer to personalize the gaming experience by purchasing their favorite skin.

On top of that, RP on your account can be used for other purposes such as switching regions or the summoner name, providing an additional layer of flexibility.

Ward skins and summoner icons

Even though they’re much less desirable than skins, ward skins, and summoner icons have some impact on the value of your account.

Rare ward skins and summoner icons can attract buyers, especially if you have vintage collectibles that are not available for purchase anymore.


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