This Inferno one-way smoke makes defending B much easier

Nick Johnson • January 12, 04:52

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players can use this one-way smoke for Inferno’s B site to help even the odds on the classic map.

One-way smokes are a powerful tool in any CSGO player’s arsenal. The one-way smoke owes its usefulness to the way that it both blocks the player from being seen by the enemy team in addition to allowing the player an clear view of the area it covers. If enemy players aren’t expecting it or don’t recognize the smoke as a one-way, a single player can hold off an entire rush by themselves. 

Inferno’s simple B site one-way smoke is a T-side nightmare

A recent social media post showed off one of these one-way smokes thrown from Inferno’s quad boost, but it left the boosted player out in the open. It also asked players to nail a pixel-perfect lineup, which made it difficult to do in the heat of the moment. With flashes and fire all over Inferno’s B site during an attacking execute, things can get scary for a boosted CT player fast. But there is another less risky way to throw a one way on Inferno’s B Site that can create a powerful advantage. 

Starting near the site’s dark corner, players can throw this smoke by lining themselves up with the vertical line on the site’s stone support. A player can then throw the smoke between where the bottom blue barrels meet those the next set stacked on top with a left click using the lineup shown. 

This lineup, combined with the flat trajectory of the left-click throw, wedges the smoke in the pocket between the barrels. The lineup is fairly forgiving, with several pixels both left, right, above, and below of the spot shown in the example. This means that players can throw the smoke quickly,. There’s another benefit, which is that it even works on the second set of barrels with the exact same lineup.

Inferno’s best flash that the attacking team can throw from banana will blind almost every position available to defenders on the site, but it will always miss a player stacked close to the quad pillar. The smoke is a good alternative to the original and more dangerous example, hiding anyone standing in the site’s deep left corner from view while allowing them a clear view of anyone moving past the CT cross.

Defenders will need to make sure they’re ready to move fast in case of a targeted T molotov, but the smoke adds another option for defenders on one of CSGO’s most claustrophobic bombsites. The one-way can also be used by the T side for a post plant defense, especially when players are caught in a one versus X situation.  

After Inferno’s 2016 rerelease, players have continually found new ways to attack and defend its site thanks to Valve’s makeover, and this smoke can help secure a site that the T side already has difficulty taking.


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