Brink of Infinity

“This can’t be real”: Tyler1 reacts to League of Legends Season 13 cinematic

By Olivia Richman


Jan 11, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

League of Legends streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp is angry at the new cinematic for Season 13.

Riot Games dropped a two-minute teaser for the upcoming Season 13. The cinematic included no story or champions, leaving Tyler1 stunned. He isn’t alone — the majority of the League of Legends community has also responded negatively to the cinematic.

On January 10, Tyler1 watched the video live on Twitch. He couldn’t hide his disappointment and shared his harsh opinions with viewers.

Tyler1 shares opinion on League of Legends Season 13 cinematic

Tyler1 looked shocked when the teaser ended. He said that the cinematic had to have been a “prelude” and another one was coming based on how empty the video was.

“I mean, this isn’t it. It’s not,” Tyler1 told fans. “So I imagine when rank drops tomorrow, they’re gonna release the real one. This is like a prelude, an intro to the actual one for sure.”

Tyler1 added: “This can’t be real.”

A lot of viewers accused him to be “coping,” telling him that it’s definitely the cinematic. After staring at the video closer and comparing it to last year’s cinematic, Tyler1 said that it “may be it.” But he still wondered if another video was on the way that would be called “Infinity” since the current cinematic was called “Brink of Infinity.”

If the current cinematic is the official one, however, Tyler1 had strong words for the League of Legends team after comparing it to previous years’ videos. He said if this is the “pile of s—” they are trying to put out for fans, then some people at Riot Games need to be fired. Not only that, the game would need to “end.”

Fans react to Brink of Infinity Season 13 cinematic

Tyler1 was not alone with his frustration.

League of Legends fans commented on the low quality footage used in the cinematic, comparing it to actual gameplay of Summoner’s Rift. Others said that it was very disappointing to see no champions interacting or fighting. One fan joked that all of Riot’s money went to Valorant this year, which is why the quality went down so much from last year.

After continued backlash to the cinematic, one Rioter — a creative director at the studio — braved the storm to make a statement on the matter. She said that “every Rioter” tried their best to “make sure that players” were at the forefront of what they produce.

League of Legends fans responded that they don’t blame the employees “working in the trenches,” but still felt Riot had put some type of restraint on the team working on the cinematic. Some even urged her to share all of the negative feedback with leaders so they could understand how fans actually felt. For now, some fans have expressed that it feels like Riot doesn’t care about the community at all.

Developers recently responded to the ongoing concerns, blaming a lack of talent on the decline in quality of the cinematic. But developers reassured fans that the game was not being left behind.

Unfortunately for Tyler1, however, this means that the Brink of Infinity cinematic was indeed the actual trailer.


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