Things you need to know about the CSGO pro scene

By William Davis


Jan 28, 2021

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular esports in the world. The game became a massive hit and major tournaments were held by some of the biggest esports organizations. As a matter of fact, the CSGO Major Championships has a large prize pool which makes it more inviting to join. 

Interesting Facts You Should Know 

No matter how long fans have been following the CSGO pro scene, there are some interesting facts some people probably didn’t know. 

The Representatives 

The professional betting scene of CSGO and other top esports is massive and it called for a lot of players from all over the world to go pro. Even some online casinos have the opportunity to play a lucky game of poker including esports betting in their platform.

Believe it or not, there are more than 39 countries represented by at least one player at the Majors. Some of these countries are the United States of America, Canada, Brazil,and China. Most of these countries are generally successful in the field of sports and esports. 

Banned Players 

Ever since the first CSGO tournament was launched, Valve has permanently banned players through the Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC). It’s designed to detect cheats installed on computers. 

Linus Lundqvist, also known as b0bbzki, was the first professional player who got banned in CS:GO and in any Valve events. The most recently banned player was Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat of OpTic India. He was caught cheating at ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND Asia CSGO in 2018. 

Suffering the consequences, the Esports Integrity Coalition or ESIC issued him a five-year ban. Cheat codes allegedly used during the event were found in his solid-state drive. The match analysis also revealed that they were used numerous times. The Indian may have played a great game, however, he was caught red-handed. 

The Maps 

Nuke is one of the most popular maps, with more than 300 games played on it. In previous years, Nuke was not even included in the most played maps. It is a bomb defusal map located in a warehouse within a nuclear power plant. Unlike other bomb defusal maps, it has two bomb sites and multiple lanes instead of going around in a central structure. 

Interesting Nicknames 

There are many interesting pro gamertags. A lot of people find it difficult to pronounce Xyp9x’s username. Even commentators and pro players have their own way on how to pronounce his name. Andreas Hojsleth revealed that he created his username by typing something on his keyboard and did not think of changing it until he became a pro player. 

On the other hand, although Stewie2k in Stewie sounds like a real name, a lot of fans are wondering how Jacky Yip created his nickname. Yip explained that all of his friends had names from Family Guy and decided to go with Stewie. 

Popular CSGO Leagues 

With the increasing popularity of CSGO professional tournaments, there are a lot of avid gamers who are eyeing to join and compete for the huge pool prize. Here are some of the top CSGO tournaments that are making waves in the esports scene:

ESL Pro League (EPL) 

It is a CSGO professional esports league based in Europe, US, Asia, and Oceania. EPL is regarded as one of the major professional leagues in esports and is usually played by 24 teams. It also has a promotion and relegation stage wherein the best performing team from the Premier Division is promoted to the Pro League. On the other hand, the worst performing team is relegated to ESEA’s Premier Division. 

BLAST Premier 

It is a newly launched professional league based in Europe and North America. There are two seasons in a series, the Spring and Fall season. Each series is played in four months with 12 regular season teams. The winner of each season gets to participate in the Global Finals. 


It is an American television show and esports league that has a partnership with Turner Broadcasting. The ELeague is also played by 24 teams every year. This includes a regular season, playoffs, and a championship. 

Although esports betting is a new type of gambling, it gained popularity in the last couple of years. The esports betting market earned nearly $30 billion by the end of 2020. Casual gaming can be competitive but professional esports is on another level. Aside from live audiences, esports leagues are streamed through YouTube, Twitch, and even in big TV networks. 

What makes esports betting exciting is that you have five options. These are: ● Real money betting – place real money wagers based on odds 

  • Challenge betting – it is where gamers compete against each other to win items, skins, and real money 
  • Fantasy betting – create fantasy team and compete against opponents
  • Skin betting – bet as many skins as you want. It acts as a token you can gamble with 
  • Social betting – it is where you bet against your friends or online contacts based on the outcome of events 

As mentioned, esports betting is also a common offer in some online casinos because of its wide audience. CSGO and other top esports share the space with various classics like roulette and blackjack, for instance. Of course, there are also other sites that focus on esports betting alone. It is simply up to bettors to choose the lucky game they want to wager on.


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