These two Valorant agents are still the best to climb ranks

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 3, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant community collectively agrees that Episode 6 is the toughest one so far. But, these two agents can help climb the rank ladder. 

If you’re a regular Valorant player, you’d have noticed that Project: A characters still reign all categories. A few new agents have managed to break the monotony, but other than that, the original lineup is everyone’s go-to pick. Stats reveal that two agents have stayed a staple in all game-winning compositions in Valorant, and they were both launched in 2020. 

Reyna and Jett are still the two best agents in the fast-paced Valorant ranked. The duelists are picked generously for their self-sufficient, aggressive kits and have a high win rate two years after the launch. 

What are the best agents in Valorant? 


Since Reyna and Jett, two more duelists have joined Valorant protocol. But, both the duelists still hold strong, according to stats. shows 11% of players who pick Jett see a win rate of 49%, which is incredible. Jett belongs to the original Valorant cast and, since then, everyone has failed to dim her shine. Her dashes and dagger are still unmatched, and it’s evident in the numbers. 

On the other hand, Reyna is picked 11.3% of the time so far in Episode 6, and her win rate is slightly better than Jett’s. Additionally, players often prefer Reyna over other duelists for her self-sufficient kit that lets her enter the site with a blinding eye. 

Both duelists are aggressive and site-breakers, which is why you’d rarely ever see them in the same lineup. But picking even of the two can significantly boost your chance of winning. Of course, there are other agents as well who have a higher win rate, but these two have a low learning curve and are perfect for ranked marathons. 

If you are on Sage or Sova, agents with a higher win rate on Platinum ELO, you’d need proper team support to win in the streak. Conversely, Jett and Reyna can help you breeze through the low ranks and gather a stable MMR. For these, the duelist duo is still going strong two years after joining the protocol. 

You may be able to reach your desired rank by playing support, but it’d be a slow and tedious journey. In order to take control of your MMR, it’s best to pick an agent that requires less support, especially if you’re running solo.