popular celebrities that play Valorant

These popular celebrities love to play Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 14, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

Valorant is addictive, with the potential to draw already busy people into hours of time spent playing. Even famous celebrities with packed schedules can’t resist Riot Games’ shooter. Here are all the most popular celebrities that play Valorant. 

When Valorant was released in 2020, it roped in tons of players from various titles, including Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and more. Valorant’s quick breakthrough wasn’t a surprise as Riot’s shooter is designed to attract modern FPS enthusiasts. Celebrities are also tempted by the unique ability-powered five-versus-five game. We have compiled a list of popular celebrities that play Valorant. 

Kourtney Kardashian 

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Kourtney Kardashian’s Valorant story on Instagram was a jaw-dropper for dedicated players. The Keeping up with the Kardashians star is all about fashion, so the image of her chilling on Breeze with the latest katana unexpectedly broke the internet. Kourtney was supporting Raze on Breeze, which isn’t the best combination for competitive. But players have largely forgiven her for that minor blunder.

Jordan Fisher

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Jordan Fisher is a famous American actor mostly known for his role as one of the heartthrobs in Netflix’s hit franchise To All the Boys. It turns out that he’s a dedicated Valorant fan on the side. Jordan isn’t a just a casual player either, as he’s serious about his competitive grind. His regular streams have netted him almost 500K followers on Twitch. His acting fans love to watch his gaming highlights on YouTube as well. 

Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann isn’t a new name in gaming. The French professional footballer set foot in gaming with his own CSGO organization, Grizi Esports. Like many CSGO players, Griezmann also took a liking to Riot Games’ shooter. He’s pretty good at popping heads thanks to his competitive composure from the football field and legacy skills that transferred from CSGO.  

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DJ Zedd

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DJ Zedd isn’t a surprising name in the list of popular celebrities that play Valorant. But before his collaboration with Riot Games, no one saw Riot partnering with a popular DJ like Zedd. Not only does he play Valorant, his love for the game has earned him his own skin line. The Spectrum collection has custom Zedd tunes that cost a lot. 

Soulja Boy

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Soulja Boy is another in the long list of CSGO players who have become Valorant fans. The American rap star started his FPS journey from CSGO and got inspired to try Valorant. It was Phoenix’s player model that piqued his interest. According to Soulja, it’s not a coincidence that Riot designed Phoenix to look precisely like him. The American singer tried a few games just to take his look-alike on a spin. 

Mike Shinoda

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The Linkin Park co-founder has a Twitch channel where he streams different games. His Valorant stream was shocking as no one expected the singer to take an interest in FPS’ complex format. But Shinoda has gotten pretty good at the game thanks to his run with Team Liquid players. The singer has quickly learned the game, and he regularly showcases his skills on his Twitch channel. 

Mahmut Orhan

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Mahmut Orhan is a huge name in Turkey who regularly plays Riot’s shooter. Considering the whereabouts of an upcoming agent, players shouldn’t be surprised if Mahmut appears in one of the teasers.

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 According to the leaks, the next Valorant agent 20 is of Turkish descent.