Omen one-way

These Omen one-way tricks are game-changing on Ascent

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Omen’s one-way smokes can be extremely rewarding when used correctly and Ascent’s layout offers up plenty of opportunities to use them. 

On larger locations like Ascent and Haven, Omen is generally a top pick among players. Unlike other agents, his smokes can pierce through objects, allowing him to lock down large areas. Omen’s Dark Cover is powerful on Ascent, where walls are scaled with ornaments that facilitate one-ways. 

Unlike A, Ascent’s B bombsite is congested and enclosed where a full smoke may not be useful. A coach can help players understand the best uses for a smoke in unique situations like these. Sites like Metafy have trained coaches who can help you to find lineups and tricks to fool enemies and rank up quicker.

On point B, clever use of smokes might help lock down key areas and add kills to the scoreboard.

Must-learn Omen one-way smokes on Ascent 

The first must-learn Omen one-way is for deep in the B entrance. This works when you want to counter attackers making a large push. 

Place your crosshair at the edge of the structure inside B as shown in the image and equip smoke. Release the Dark Cover as soon as the arrow turns red. The globe will stick to the side of the pillar. Omen and his allies will be able to see enemies’ locations thanks to their feet, but they won’t be able to see past the smoke. 

Blog post image

This smoke works the best when you have a duelist like Jett or Chamber alongside Omen. Both of these agents can quickly capitalize on the one-way and escape back to safety. It’s not recommended for an Omen player to put themselves in the line of fire since multiple enemies will have a chance to return fire. 

If you don’t have backup, try this more passive smoke. It creates a one-way from three angles for market, defender’s spawn, and stairs. 

For this smoke, walk behind stairs for safety and load up Dark Cover. Aim towards the right side of the entrance pillar and keep zooming in until a red arrow appears. Release the smoke to create a one-way window for three crucial angles. The attackers would first be visible to the agent in market, then the defender’s spawn, and finally to Omen holding the stairs. 

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This is a much safer smoke for Omen players looking to bag kills from safety. The mid player can also benefit from it and back the on-site agent. These two smokes can set up easy round wins on Ascent’s B site. Players can learn more one-ways like these by getting help of a professional Valorant coach through Metafy.

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