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These are the top ways to game on a budget

By William Davis


Dec 4, 2023

Reading time: 5 min

Video games have truly become an important part of our lives. When we play, our parents or friends no longer tell us we’re just wasting our lives away (well, most of them no longer do that).

40% of the world’s population plays video games

video games

With such a high percentage of us playing video games, it’s totally normal that we need to find accessible gaming options.

Video games are not just a simple way to pass time and relax; they are an activity that requires strategy. This world is very competitive, which is why it’s important to find alternatives that won’t make our wallets scream in pain.

War between PC and console doesn’t need more casualties

We all know the ever-lasting battle between the “PC master race” and the “console peasants.” However, it’s important to mention that they each offer unique experiences, and we have to accept that.

After all, let’s face it, you can’t force someone to like playing on a PC, just as you can’t make someone love a console. We’re pretty sure companies are trying to create such an amazing device that would make peace between PCs and consoles.

The truth is, if you have a console, you have access to a wide range of games for a monthly subscription. The PC doesn’t really allow you that. This is indeed a cheap gaming solution, and many gamers opt for it.

Streaming platforms can also offer cheap video games

While consoles have the subscription option, PCs have streaming platforms. They work by the same principle and allow us to pay a monthly fee so we can gain access to numerous games. Sounds fun, right?

Indie games

The so-called indie or independent games, unfortunately, don’t always get the attention they deserve. The gaming world is also brand-led, which often leads to great games being overlooked or not getting enough advertising.

However, most indie games are not only cheap but incredibly fun and exciting, so it’s worth giving them a chance.

Freemium games

We’ve all heard of freemium games. Don’t panic if you haven’t heard of them, though. They’re games that are free-to-play, but (yes, there’s a but!) they also have in-app purchases.

This means that while you can access the game for free, some features require you to swipe your card. This is not something mandatory, though. You can still enjoy the full gaming experience for free as well, but sometimes, it just might take longer for you to unlock certain features.

Second-hand hard copies

When was the last time you bought a game and you received an actual CD? You can’t remember either, can you?

Well, this method might seem old and frankly weird for some gamers, but it must not be overlooked and ignored. Hard copies or even used games are still a gaming alternative and a cheap one, too!

Beta versions of games

When you are part of a gaming community, you don’t get to make new friends and ask them for help when you’re stuck in a boss fight or can’t get past a certain level.

Big gaming communities can sometimes gain early access to some new games for testing purposes, of course. Nevertheless, getting to play a game prior to other gamers truly is a unique feeling.

Seasonal sales

Another cheap alternative is simply waiting for the winter or summer sales. It’s true; we all want to play that new game the moment it becomes available on the market. But, if we wait a little, not only do we get to buy it way cheaper, but we also get to find great tutorials that can help us when we get stuck. And let’s face it, we all get stuck every now and then!

Some players don’t know that some sites offer cheaper games

We know that sometimes we just don’t want to wait until the sale season starts or that the game we want is not on sale. What then? This is why there are so many sites that are created, especially for cheap games.

No, they’re not scams (not the popular ones, at least)! You simply need to find a seller with a high rating, and you’ll get your game in no time.

Bulk games and mystery boxes

Ever bought a mystery box full of games? We sure have, and here is the truth about them. Sometimes, for just a few dollars, you can really strike gold!

It’s true; most of the time, you end up buying random games that almost no one has heard of. But even if one in several boxes contains that one great game, you can consider yourself lucky!

The magic of free browser and mobile video games

Browsers and mobile games must not be ignored in this entire ordeal. Sure, many gamers don’t believe mobile games to be real games and whatnot. Yeah, we’ve all heard that story.

But, again, each gamer likes what they like, and there’s no point in being mean or judgmental.

This is why, if you like that browser game, play it! If you’ve found a game that keeps you entertained on your phone, ignore the rest; just enjoy it!

Why not video gambling?

game gambling

Ever thought about what other gaming alternatives one might try? Gambling is surely worth looking into. For video gamers who find it enjoyable to play casino titles, opting for minimum deposit casinos could be a useful option. Such casinos allow players to play games and place bets upon making a small deposit, which can be a good alternative for video gamers who still want to enjoy new months without investing in purchasing new titles.

A comparison between video gaming and online gambling

It’s true there are differences between gaming and gambling. But it doesn’t matter that one is based on the story while the other implies some luck. What actually matters is that we can just do something we enjoy after a long day of work. And no one can decide for us what we truly like!


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