Helldivers 2 armor ranked

The best Helldivers 2 armors

By Olivia Richman


May 15, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Helldivers 2 is back in action after developers rolled back the decision to require a PSN. With gamers jumping back into the pulse-pounding alien action, you may be wondering which armors are the best when heading into a challenge. Here are some of our favorite Helldivers 2 armors.

FS-11 Executioner

This armor not only looks cool but is very protective thanks to Fortified, an armor ability that lets you soak up extra damage while spraying enemies. It’s a fan favorite thanks to its sleek and lighter look as well as 50% resistance to explosive damage.

CM-21 Trench Paramedic

This light armor has a Med-Kit passive so you can remain mobile and at full health a lot easier. A lot of armor will leave you feeling a bit clunkier, which is why lighter armor has remained the most effective and popular choice.

FS-23 Battle Master

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If you’re looking for heavy armor, this practical set is less bulky looking but still imposing thanks to its shoulder padding. You have the Fortified passive so you can have 50% resistance to explosive damage and better accuracy while crouching.

DP-40 Hero of the Federation

Become a hero with the Hero of the Federation medium armor, which comes with the Democracy Protects passive. You can save your friends since you can avoid bleed damage and have a higher chance of survival.

SC-37 Legionnaire

This light armor has a great design and comes in handy in many situations. You’ll find it’s most useful when you need to remain quick and agile since the Legionnaire can help you dodge incoming attacks. You’ll have a 30% increased throwing range and 50% more limb health.

SC-30 Trailblazer Scout

Instead of duking it out on the frontlines, the Trailblazer Scout is a light armor focused on stealth. This armor allows you to sneak past enemies a lot easier so you can avoid needless fights and get through challenging situations without massive fights.

F6-38 Eradicator

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A lot of players feel this light armor looks a lot like Star Wars but it’s popular for more than that reason. You will take 50% less explosive damage and it has a lot more mobility than other armor sets. This makes it a lot easier to navigate battlefields while avoiding incoming attackers.

FS-61 Dreadnought

This heavy set is quite destructive since it has an increased throwing range that makes it much easier to target nests and other key spots. You can stay at a safe distance, meanwhile, on top of having 50% more limb health. It’ll be pretty tough to take you down for this reason, making you super difficult to deal with.


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