Top 10 interesting indie games and projects to be released by 2022

By William Davis


Aug 28, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The great thing about gaming is that despite the industry going stratospheric in terms of market and revenue size over recent years, it is not entirely dominated by non-endemic corporations. Yes, there are big companies who make big money, like Sony, EA Sports, and so on but their presence does not prevent smaller indie businesses from finding success in their own niches. 

It’s something that’s basically impossible in other tech industries. Just imagine the impossibility of trying to create an indie smartphone or social media platform. Here, we’ll touch on just a few of the exciting gaming projects that are in the pipeline right now and that should come to fruition by 2022.


Nostalgia always sells, and anything with a 1980s theme is a guaranteed winner. Lake is a new project from Netherlands-based developer Gamious that’s set in the halcyon days of 1986. The story revolves around a 40-something returning to her hometown, but the things you’ll love are the cars, the fashion, and the nods to ‘80s movies and pop culture.  


Not a game in itself, is an ambitious project aimed at providing casino gamers with up-to-the-minute data on the best no-deposit bonus deals. There are plenty of resources like these around, but most are either stuffed with sites that pay to get listed or are hopelessly out of date. The people behind the project are genuinely passionate about what they do, so they have every chance of making it a success.

Where the Heart Leads

There are so many RPGs out there that a new one has to do something special to stand out. Armature Studio has a better-than-average chance of achieving that with Where the Heart Is, a game designed, in the words of founder Todd Keller, to “wrap its arms around you like your favourite sweater.” Surreal, whimsical, this game might just have that x-factor that also makes it unforgettable.

Moonglow Bay

Did we mention that 1980s retro is big right now? This project from Bunnyhug takes you fishing in the era that fashion forgot. Its Canadian coastal setting does a great job of conveying the feeling of coming home, which the storyline is based on. As for the fishing, well, it is only a small part of your activities in a small town with big secrets around every corner. 

Steam Deck

Again, we stray from the games themselves for the next entrant to look at a project that could really shake up the world of gaming. Steam Deck is a new handheld gaming PC made by Valve. Yes, given the fates of other Valve projects in recent years, that sounds either brave or foolhardy, but this one might just thrive. More games launch on Steam than anywhere else, only to find themselves tied to the desktop. Steam Deck could be the answer we’ve been waiting for.

Bear and Breakfast

Some games can take themselves a little too seriously. That’s not an accusation that anyone will level at this creation from Mummy Cat. You adopt the character of Hank the Bear, who runs a B&B in the woods. That’s really all you need to know and we can’t wait to try it. 

Open Roads

Great storytelling is at the heart of this atmospheric animation adventure from Fullbright, the developer who previously brought us Gone Home and Tacoma. A mother and daughter embark on a road trip to uncover some ancient family mysteries and get to know one another better. 


Set in a futuristic, neon-lit cybercity, you roam the backstreets where danger lies around every corner. That sounds intriguing enough, but there’s also the fact that you have four paws and whiskers. You view everything from a cat’s perspective, and have feline agility to help you out of tight spots. 

She Dreams Elsewhere

Studio Zevere brings us a surreal experience that places us in the mind of Thalia, a woman in a stress-induced coma. Or is she? It’s up to you to face the nightmares, whether they are from a dream state or a little closer to home than you might think.


Finally, it’s one last trip back to our favourite decade. Venba is an Indian mother who emigrates to Canada with her young family in the 1980s. She brings a collection of memories and lost recipes with her in a story filled with charm. As far as we are concerned, the combination of 1980s retro and delicious Indian cuisine make this a game that can’t be missed!