These are the top 5 most annoying heroes in all of Dota 2

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 28, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

Annoying heroes are a necessary part of Dota 2, but these five heroes are aggravating as soon as the horn blows.

The draft phase is one of the tensest parts of any Dota 2 match. Experienced players can get a pretty good idea of how the game will go just from the picks and those of any skill level can get an idea of how annoying the game will be. While every hero has their strong points, these five picks are the most brutally annoying heroes in all of Dota 2.

Outworld Destroyer? More like obnoxious dirtbag, am I right?

When he’s not changing his name every few patches, Outworld Destroyer spends his time annoying the hell out of the enemy team. In addition to hitting like a truck and stealing mana, OD is the best hero in the game at using the most annoying item.

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The most annoying part of this Dota 2 hero is the feeling of pure dread as you get Astral Imprisoned from fog and have to just sit there bracing for the Meteor Hammer. All of that is in addition to an obnoxious laning phase. Outworld Destroyer can imprison the opponent away for easy ranged creep last hits and denies, preventing interaction and winning the lane by default.

Broodmother is the queen of annoying Dota 2 heroes

Very few heroes inspire fear like Broodmother. The tenth pick of the draft is always tense, but suddenly seeing a Broodmother is the worst of them all. All that’s left is to glance over your team composition and realize that there are no counters at all and your mid-laner picked Zeus.

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The worst part of playing against a mid Broodmother is how teammates react to it. While secretly blocking her jungle camps is usually the best strategy, supports all too often think it’s a good idea to gank a Broodmother by walking through the river right into her webs. Queue the early GG call and rage chats when they get shredded by spiderlings.

Huskar’s sky-high win rate makes him even more frustrating

On the topic of nightmare tenth-picks, Huskar is a terrifying opponent in nearly all parts of the game. Burning Spears is a total pain to play against, as they deal massive stacking damage and cannot be dispelled. Life Break cuts through even the tankiest heroes, and Inner Fire makes him resistant to physical damage from melee attackers.

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Huskar is especially annoying right now since he’s one of the highest win rate heroes in Dota 2 7.31. He has only a handful of counters, and his preferred tempo means that there isn’t much time to build item counters. The solid nerf coming in 7.31c isn’t enough to stop Huskar from being one of the most annoying Dota 2 heroes right now.

Nature’s Prophet remains a nightmare in pubs

Nature’s Prophet might be in the dumpster as far as win rates go, but that doesn’t make him any less annoying. Rat strategies are always frustrating to deal with, especially if there are no heroes suited for dealing with it. Ending a team fight only to TP back to a tier-three tower is a massive hit to morale. There’s nothing worse than finally tracking down a Nature’s Prophet and then realizing that no one remembered to bring detection.

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Nature’s Prophet’s still-abysmal win rate sits at 43.72%, but that really just makes them even more annoying. Not only do you dread seeing him on the other team, but watching a teammate hover over NP before picking him is like watching a car crash in slow-motion. As a pain to play both with and against, Nature’s Prophet is easily one of the most annoying heroes in all of Dota 2.

Meepo is four annoying Dota 2 heroes wrapped up into one

The most canonically annoying hero in Dota 2 is also a complete mess to deal with. Meepo’s signature ultimate, Divided We Stand, splits him up into multiple clones with their own ability cooldowns.

This makes a relatively simple hero a super-abusable monster in the right hands. While Meepo has a ton of counters, he practically seems designed to ruin an otherwise peaceful and enjoyable game of Dota 2.

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Meepo essentially has all the traits outlined above plus a few unique ones. He’s a pain to gank like Broodmother, a one-man army like Huskar, and a gank monster like Outworld Destroyer. He even sucks up the entire map like a Nature’s Prophet. Meepo may be the weakest hero in Dota 2 lore, but he sits at the top of any annoying hero tier list.