These are the callouts you must know playing Overpass in CSGO

By Steven Rondina


May 24, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Overpass is one of the most enduring maps of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and because of that, any ranked player needs to commit its callouts to memory.

Overpass is one of the most popular and notorious maps in competitive CSGO. Though it’s always been below Mirage and Dust 2 in terms of popularity, it’s still stuck around for years. This largely stems from the incredible depth of the map.

While other CSGO maps tend to get figured out after a certain point, new tricks keep getting found on Overpass. These range from new boosts to interesting grenade lineups and stacks that can rewrite how players approach sites. This comes despite the fact the map hasn’t received a significant overhaul since 2014.

All this means that learning all the callouts of Overpass is important for any CSGO player. Here are all the most vital ones you need to learn.

Overpass callouts in CSGO

Callouts for Overpass on CSGO with map

Compared to some other CSGO maps, Overpass has unique callouts. The map features long pathways toward the bomb sites and the cramped quarters that connect these paths. The T side has a long road towards the A site, with A long serving as the go-to place for dedicated AWPers. Next to this is A-short, which isn’t actually much shorter but curves in a way that forces close-quarter combat. These two paths toward the bomb site are connected by the bathrooms area via a narrow hallway.

On the opposite side of the map is the B site. The fastest path for the T side is through a drainage pipe called monster, which is another lengthy area with minimal cover. Another option is taking a detour through a different pipe that leads to an area called water. From there, T players have another avenue to attack the B bombsite.

The A and B sides of the map are essentially connected by two other passageways. Between A short and water is connector, which is often a highly contested area. There’s also a path between the A site to the B site that offers another two avenues toward the sites.

This area is normally accessed by CTs looking to rotate between the two sites. Both ends offer two areas to attack from. Near A is bank and dumpster, but B is very different. Players can head downstairs to the left to attack from walkway or head up the stairs to the right to overlook the site from heaven.