Pearl callouts in Valorant

These are the must-know callouts for new Valorant map Pearl

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 2, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

New Valorant map Pearl is simple at first glance, but it’s a complex labyrinth in practice. Players will desperately need to learn the callouts of Pearl to effectively coordinate. 

When Riot Games offered the first look at Pearl, players heaved a sigh of relief as the location didn’t come with complex gimmicks. Instead, it’s a straightforward FPS map with two bomb points split by a middle area. Instead of teleporters or ziplines, Pearl is set apart by its sheer number of complex alleyways.

While it may not have unique features, it’s definitely not simple. There are many places worth remembering, but here’s a great place to get started.

All callouts in the new Valorant map Pearl 

Learning callouts and communicating effectively with teammates may be the trickiest part of Pearl. The large location is divided by stairs, alleys, and doors, creating a multitude of chokepoints. Players must learn callouts for each small nook in order to emerge as the winner in this Utopian map. 

Here are all the basic callouts for new Valorant map Pearl:

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Pearl, like most tactical shooter maps, has two sites. However, the entries leading to these sites are crammed with turns and arcs that make for excellent defender hiding spots. Each site has two entryways. One starts from attacker spawn, and the other from the middle area. The one from mid is comparatively risky due to the complex layout that may favor the defenders. 

Due to a complicated mid that branches into two, defenders with an Operator will likely be able to find pickoffs on attackers. To dodge that, attackers may favor the safer route towards points B and A. Sewers, or “tunnels,” are an exciting addition as it’s the only way attackers can safely gather some mid control without getting into the line of fire. 

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As for both the sites, they are relatively easy for defenders to hold. A site provides ample breathing space while point B is crowded with crates and boxes, and the staircase from mid doesn’t help the attackers either. Deeper into A, there’s an exciting spot for the snipers, which is currently dubbed “ramp.” Don’t be alarmed if you hear someone call it “sniper’s nest.” 

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These callouts are new and may mature into more detailed titles as the map ages. Pearl is still not a part of Valorant esports, so new callouts may emerge when pro players start playing it on a higher level of competition.