These are the most expensive Dota 2 skin loadouts in the world

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Dota 2 has many expensive skins, but some heroes cost a lot more to bling out than others.

While skins in Dota 2 have never quite reached the heights of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there are still plenty of expensive immortals and sets to seek out. In the case of popular picks like Rubick, Juggernaut, and Pudge, the price of rare immortals can quickly grow into the hundreds. If you wanted to spend as much money as possible on a Dota 2 skin, what’s the most expensive set to buy? 

The most expensive skin set in all of Dota 2

Based on Steam Market skin prices, the most expensive hero to completely deck out in Dota 2 is either Juggernaut or Rubick. Each build features multiple rare immortals and pricy limited sets.

The incredible price comes from several different items. For the base, avid Juggernaut players can drop $640 on the Pilgrimage of the Bladeform Aesthete set. It makes sense to spend on the weapon, so spend $520 on a Crimson Edge of the Lost Order. The Bladeform Legacy arcana is relatively cheap at just $32. May as well add in an extra $3 to get a Golden Fortune’s Tout Healing Ward. 

Most expensive hero skin possible in Dota 2

All that adds up to $1,195. We can see what the set would look like using a Dota 2 skin simulator called DotaLoadout. While it would certainly be impressive to see in a real match, this mixed Juggernaut set doesn’t look all that special up close. 

Steam Market prices can greatly vary, so just to cover all basesIt’s worth checking out Rubick. The spellstealer has a ton of fancy immortals over the years. Just like with Juggernaut, Rubick starts with a very expensive base set in Fantoccini’s Dilemma. The puppet-themed skin currently goes for $297 on the Steam Market.

Rubick also has two of the most expensive immortals in the game between the Golden Staff of Perplex and the Golden Ornithomancer’s Mantle of the Benefactor. The staff and cape go for $340 and $473 respectively. All that combined equals $1,110. Unlike the Juggernaut set, this one actually has some color contrast to break up Rubick’s signature green glow.

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As for the most expensive premade set in Dota 2, that honor goes to Ursa’s Alpine Stalker set. The skin was removed from the game after just weeks on the market due to fan complaints. Purchasing all the pieces on the Steam Market will sometimes be done for around $1,000 but prices fluctuate. Intact sets of various qualities also exist but are extremely rare and don’t have a defined price.


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