creepy Pokemon

These are the creepiest Pokemon to ever exist

By Olivia Richman


Oct 31, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

It’s Halloween weekend, which means it’s time for ghosts, ghouls, and… Pokemon?

You probably think of Pikachu and Charizard when you first hear the word “Pokemon” but there are actually some terrifying Pokemon that are downright creepy (and some disgusting). Here are the creepiest Pokemon in the ever-growing Pokedex.


This iconic ghost Pokémon is from Gen 1. While Gengar may not look super scary aside from his sharp-toothed grin, Gengar is creepy because it literally wants you dead. According to an earlier Pokedex entry, Gengar was once a human itself and is now looking to create a travel companion out of another human. So you’re not only traveling with the ghost of a former human who died but a ghost that wants to kill other humans.


Kadabra is another Gen 1 Pokémon with a backstory right out of a PG-13 horror movie. This psychic Pokemon doesn’t seem all too scary thanks to its spoon obsession, but once you learn where his fondness for utensils comes from, Kadabra is a lot creepier. According to its Pokedex entry in Pokemon Sun, there is a theory that suggests Kadabra used to be a young boy who couldn’t control his psychic powers. Now, he’s trapped in the body of a Kadabra. So is every Kadabra you come across actually a little boy? Yeesh.

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What personally creeps us out about Gyrados is its permanently open mouth. It’s reminiscent of an animal with rabies but extra large and extra violent. According to the Pokémon game, Gyrados is extremely vicious and responds to humans by basically burning everything around it to the ground. This is definitely not a Pokémon you want to encounter.


This is another Pokémon species that you want to steer clear of at all costs. While it may look like a weird breed of dog, Houndoom is not friendly enough to approach. This eerie canine-like creature can burn you. But not only can it shoot flames from its mouth, but it’s also said in Pokémon Gold that “the pain will never go away.” Basically, running into this demonic dog can leave you in pain for your entire life.

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An innocent-looking balloon, Drifloon is perhaps one of the most bloodthirsty of all Pokémon. Drifloon’s Pokedex entry states that Drifloon “grabs the hands of small children” and then drags them… And it doesn’t just drag them into the sky. It drags them straight into the afterlife! Excuse me? Basically, Drifloon is the Pokémon version of It. If you are a heavier child or an adult, you may be safe. But even Professor Oak was attacked by multiple Drifloon, who then hoisted him into the air.


This piranha-like Pokémon has an immensely strong jaw with sharp fangs. While piranha only attacks when carcasses appear next to them, it seems like Carvanha will purposefully seek out boats to sink. Seems like swimming or boating in the Pokémon world is highly dangerous if there are schools of Carvanha desperately looking to destroy anything in sight.


After seeing how much trainers were disturbed by Gengar’s lore in Gen 1, Pokémon decided to continue the creepy child narrative. In Pokémon Sun’s entry, Phantump is said to be possessed by the “spirits of children who died in the forest.” When a Phantump cries out, it sounds like “eerie screams.” Can you imagine walking through a forest just to hear the bloodcurdling cry of a child, just to find out it’s a possessed tree?

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This Pokémon is actually a stuffed animal that was “thrown away.” It then became possessed and is now searching for the person who tossed it. Why? To get its revenge. This creepy doll has a long, yellow smile and sinister, red eyes. It’s easy to see why someone wanted to throw out this horrifying doll.


This Ultra Beast just looks downright haunting. It appears to have two sets of glowing blue eyes and a large, gaping mouth full of giant, sharp teeth. According to its Pokedex entry, it’s a “dangerous” creature that appears to be “eating constantly.” Despite that, its droppings have never been found. Basically, Guzzlord is a black hole. It’s literally just eating everything in its path, devouring matter at an alarming rate. A walking black hole? No thanks.